In the Czech Republic found a sculpture age of 26,000 years

The image of a mysterious woman, created 26,000 years ago, It was discovered on the territory of modern Czech Republic. As they say specialists, a small sculpture from a mammoth tusk is the oldest of its kind. Exploring Similar Ancient Artifacts allows you to better understand not only the features of the life of our ancestors, how much to judge the level of their cultural development. Now find is under study at the British Museum in London, where an international team of archaeologists is trying to understand who exactly could stand behind the creation of the sculpture. Photos from open sources

Scientists say that people in their more or less current form have been living on Earth for about a million years, but the earliest evidence of how the human mind tried to capture in symbolically around the world, appeared only 100,000 years back. There hasn’t been anything like art older than this date. found. The oldest finds of this kind were made in Africa, a little more modern – in Spain and France, and even later – in Eastern Europe and in the European part of Russia. Speaking about a new find made in the Czech Republic, researchers say that similar ancient European sculptures and drawings on the rocks allow a much deeper look into the history of our ancestors, so as in most art objects, it is usually encoded, some communication idea in the form of a visual symbol. According to Jim Cook, an archeology specialist at the British Museum, previously similar figures were found in France and their age was estimated at 23,000 years old, they were also created from mammoth tusks.

Mammoths Russia Sculptures

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