In the Dutch museum found strange “artifact”

Found strange in the Dutch museumPhoto from open sources

In the archive of the Dutch museum “Strandvondstenmuseum”, collector made on the beaches interesting finds, found strange artifact that made the staff of the institution scratch at a loss at the back of the head.

Records say a potential exhibit has been donated museum many years ago. A certain woman was walking along the beach with children and quite by chance noticed in the sand this object, which failed to identify, and therefore ultimately gave it experts – so he ended up in the museum.

Administrators of the Strandvondstenmuseum for many years work in the institution saw many different things, including elements of fish tackle, shipwrecks, outlandish fossils and even the remains of obscure creatures. However submitted a metal artifact similar to a military helmet with wings, made experts seriously think about the nature of this find. Maybe we are talking about a product from another planet, another civilization? ..

Museum workers demonstrated the item to specialists from leading Dutch universities, but scientists were not in able to determine the origin, destination and age artifact, despite a series of laboratory tests. ABOUT more extensive research is not yet there are many reasons and primarily conservative views on our world of some people from science …

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