In the Egyptian desert through Google Maps saw mysterious spiral

A photo from open sources

February 24, 2014 using Google Maps in the territory a mysterious spiral was discovered in the Egyptian desert. Visually this spiral is very similar to the runway, intended for landing an alien spacecraft, an ancient monument to a deity, or perhaps a portal to a parallel The universe. However, what people observe in the desert of Egypt, on is actually a work of environmental art that was created by a group of artists in March 1997. Above design and further construction of this unique the team of like-minded people, united their three people. Namely: Stella Constantinides, Danai and Alexandra Stratou. As a result of their work, a huge (100,000 square meters) logarithmic spiral that called “Desert Breath.” Built in two interconnected, spirals mirroring each other (one spiral with vertical cones, the second with conical recesses), this design initially in its center assumed a small lake. However, recently acquired Google Maps images are good it can be seen that the lake is completely dry, and the whole structure of the structure breaks up. Desert sand slowly blows away its cone-shaped the hills that form part of this unusual piece art, creating new unexpected forms. Desert Breath among other, no less mysterious objects of this kind, which captivate viewers on Google Earth, Google Maps and others online platforms. For example, the surface of the steppe of Kazakhstan on the shore The desert lake is the location of a huge pentagram. This five-pointed figure tormented the imagination for a long time observers until it was proven that the visible satellite pentagram – just a contour of the preserved roads in the territory abandoned park of the Soviet era. The star was a popular symbol. in the USSR, and Kazakhstan until 1991 was its integral part. Another unique example of this art form is a mysterious image of unusual circles in the desert of New Mexico. Scientology Religious Group Representatives Sure the image of the circles is the disguised entrance to the hopper, which belongs to their church.


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