In the Mexican pyramid found a skull with jade dentures

A skull with jade dentures was found in the Mexican pyramidA photo from open sources

In one of the pyramids of the ancient city of Teotihuacan, located fifty kilometers northeast of the Mexican capital, major excavations have recently been carried out. Archaeologists this time unexpected surprise was expected – they discovered a burial place a woman who died at a young age of about one thousand six hundred years back. The most interesting thing is that the skull of the deceased was supplied neat jade dentures.

Excavation manager Jorge Archer Velasco, an expert in the field of pre-Columbian civilizations, claims that this find significantly changes the idea of ​​the spread of the ancients cultures. Dentistry is known to have originated in Latin America. south of modern Mexico, and bad teeth were replaced in those days artificial Aztecs and their followers. However, the young lady from Teotihuacan in due time could brag of dentures from exotic green mineral.

A photo from open sources

According to Velasco, this discovery indicates the interpenetration of cultures – perhaps about close friendly relations and even a certain semblance of cosmopolitanism. Not excluded that Teotihuacan was a kind of South American Babylon, where representatives spent a lot of time together various civilizations. Apparently, this city was a a major center for crafts, trade and intercultural interaction, therefore, it is not surprising that the Aztecs taught to know Teotihuacan dentistry and dental prosthetics.

Steven Houston, a professor in American Brownian University, believes that dental decorations and dentures were a sign of the upper class among the Indians. When the local rulers and aristocrats turned to the people, their teeth sparkled with precious metals and stones, which made their speech more refined in the ears mobile. The elite supplied their jaws with elaborate pieces pyrite, jade and other stones. For inlay by dentists used hand drills from obsidian – magmatic mountain breed. The teeth were also sharpened, grinding along the sides, and painted carmine – red dye obtained from cochineal worm.

A photo from open sources

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