In the Middle Ages, they didn’t brush their teeth, there was no caries, didn’t smell from my mouth

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Genetic analysis of the remains of ancient people clearly shows how negative changes in the composition of oral bacteria cavities are associated with changes in lifestyle. In particular, the blow human health was caused by agriculture, and then The industrial revolution, writes EurekAlert. Expert group under The University of Adelaide Center for Ancient DNA emphasizes: this is the first evolutionary study the last 7500 years, and how she influenced the bacterial the composition of the oral cavity with all the ensuing consequences. Compared with antiquity the modern bacterial composition is no different variety. Associated with this is the spread of dental diseases and the oral cavity. It was possible to draw such conclusions by isolating the calcined plaque with teeth 34 skeletons. As a result, it was possible to trace the evolution from the period of the last hunter-gatherers to the Bronze Age and The Middle Ages. Introduction to human diet of processed sugar and flour led to the fact that in the bacterial background began to prevail bacteria responsible for caries. It turns out the oral cavity modern man is constantly in unhealthy condition.

DNA Evolution

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