In the Middle Ages were mobile phones?

Were mobile phones in the Middle Ages?Photos from open sources of

This is precisely the question that arises in connection with the fact that the Austrian archaeologists have discovered an object that is very reminiscent of (see photo) modern mobile phone, around the beginning of the 21st century.

This “mobile phone” was found during excavations of the ancient grave of the city Salzburg, and this artifact belongs to approximately to the thirteenth century, when the famous Crosses were held in Europe hiking.

A unique archaeological item made of clay, but because naturally, could not perform any technical functions, including number of mobile communications. This is most likely a toy, but it suggests that this model is actually modeled existing mechanical device. For example, characters on buttons of this “mobile phone”, made in the form of Sumerian cuneiform writing, which existed at least five thousand years ago, confirm this conjecture. After all, it is the Sumerian culture presents various mysteries to researchers of antiquity an alien character. It is possible that it was there that she was born this copy of a mobile device that hit Europe as a trophy already in the Middle Ages – during the Crusades.

The fact that the “mobile phone” was completed no earlier than 800 years ago, archaeologists have determined only by burial, the actual age This artifact remains a mystery. It seems that her nobody he won’t even guess, because on the planet it’s too much many similar artifacts of “fantastic origin” on the basis of which it would have been worth reconsidering the origin man and the history of the development of terrestrial civilizations.

Archaeologists typically say in such cases further research and thorough analysis of this “mobile devices. “However, progressive scientists and without all this understand that in the Middle Ages no one could do such a thing “toy”. Remember, for example, science fiction films of the twentieth centuries that showed our future with primitive computers and terrible mobile devices. Why even in that recent time could not predict modern technical devices. How way the people of the Middle Ages fashioned clay “mobile phone” our time?..

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