In the Middle East, the oldest metal object

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During archaeological excavations in the Jordan River Valley (Israel) A copper awl dating back to 5100 – 4600 BC was discovered. On the today it was recognized as the oldest metal subject of all previously discovered in the Middle East. This find proves that making metal People in this region learned more than 7,000 years ago. IN an ancient settlement that once existed near the Jordan River, there were many large residential buildings and shops built from clay bricks. Archaeologists have also discovered in his excavations items made from obsidian, volcanic glass (brought from Anatolia or Armenia), as well as pieces of ceramics (from Syria and Mesopotamia). In general, all these subjects prove that this settlement was an ancient international center of trade, and the people who inhabited it were quite wealthy. Copper awl archaeologists found in the grave of a forty-year-old woman who was wearing belt made of 1668 glass beads. Large stones covering the burial found indicate that this the woman was clearly considered special. The awl is about 4.1 cm and a width of about 5 mm. His handle is made of wood, while the working part is made of copper. “The very fact of the presence of copper awl in the female grave (which is one of the most difficult burials, found in this region) indicates its high status because copper products were very expensive pleasure for that time. Perhaps this is a vivid manifestation the first signs of a social hierarchy, “says Danny Rosenberg, archaeologist from the University of Haifa in Israel. Also found copper awl is a confirmation of the use of metals by ancient people several centuries earlier than scientists expected. Chemical copper analysis showed that the awl was made in the Caucasus (1000 kilometers from the burial). It turns out that initially people who lived in this area, learned to use imported metal products and only then did they independently to make.

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