In the tomb of the Lord Maya

In the tomb of the Mayan lordA photo from open sources Dead man lay in his underground a haven of 1600 years. They have long forgotten about him, and no one disturbed the peace lord of the ancient Mayans. Tireless archaeologists discovered in Guatemala the tomb of the unknown ruler. In the grave, except for the remains of an adult men, lay the bones of the six children who followed him in afterworld. Rich burial gifts were found in the burial. Valuable items in the tomb of the noble Maya are surprisingly good preserved. Among them there are a lot of strange incomprehensible details, which can be interpreted in different ways. Scientists are engaged research findings and analysis of the results. El Zotz – uncomfortable place. Around the impassable thicket are swampy the jungle where inaudibly sneak behind the prey jaguars and cougars. FROM at dusk, the crocodile goes hunting – not very large, up to three meters long, with a wide muzzle, powerful paws and very strong tail. Making a frightening noise, rush over the undergrowth whole hordes of bats that live nearby, in the rocks and in the cave of the Mayan pyramid of El Diablo. Pyramidal shape 45 meters high received such an ominous name, because she such steep walls that it’s very difficult to climb up and deadly. In the evenings a flock of bats rising in air, cover the sky, and it’s because of the bats that the ancient the Mayan city in ruins was named El Zotz. El Zotz Ruins discovered by archaeologist Marco Artonio Bale in 1977. And more recently four archaeologists from Brown University of North American State Rhode Island dug up the tomb of the Mayan ruler there. “Something in this land it was strange, says excavation manager Stephen Houston. – We removed one layer and immediately found many blood red bowls with human fingers and teeth. Originally fingers and teeth were wrapped – the organic matter of these wrappers adhered to the walls bowls. “Archaeologists carefully continued to dig inward, cleaned the layer behind the layer inside the temple building. Finally they tried pierce the ground with a thin probe to find out if there are voids inside. “And at that moment we were seized with awe, a premonition of discovery, – Houston says. – The pin made its way into a small hole, but through a gap we saw nothing but hopeless darkness. “In the cell, there was a smell of decomposition. Archaeologists took a small bright flashlight and lowered him down into the black void. “Suddenly a beam of a flashlight pulled out colorful spots of black – red, green, yellow. “In the light lantern researchers first saw the tomb of the Mayan ruler. Hard believe, but for a thousand six hundred years no one has entered the tomb, filled with valuable items. There were ceramic vessels fabrics, jewelry, painted wooden products – everything is done on high artistic level. Moist dense soil is practically not passed oxygen into the burial chamber. Tightly sealed underground tomb created favorable conditions for conservation organic matter – they did not decompose, and vegetable dyes remained unusually fresh and bright. This is a rare luck for archaeologists. “We still have a lot of work ahead,” says the archaeologist. Houston, who recently made the opening announcement at Guatemala City. – Tombs of rulers are always rich information – it will take many years to thoroughly study the contents of the burial, solve all its riddles. “Important the advantage of an underground crypt discovered in Guatemala is lack of air access. From there no evaporation and gases. “When I put my head in the hole, I, to my surprise, I felt a strong smell of rot. From such a stench in chills ran down my spine, “says Houston. Grave chamber small: only 1 meter wide 20 centimeters wide, 3 meters long 60 centimeters, and a height of 1 meter 80 centimeters. “I could be free there lie down, – says the archaeologist, – but to stay there for a long time to me, of course, I wouldn’t want to. “Was the noble deceased the founder dynasties? A senior Maya was not alone in his grave. Six children accompanied him on his way to the afterlife. Archaeologists found four small skeletons in the grave and two more individual skulls that belonged to young children who at the time death was not more than five years. The body of the ruler lay on a separate wooden bed, and this bed over time has lost strength and cracked under the weight of the remains. On the skull of a noble Maya there was a ceremonial headdress, richly decorated and mottled filigree Mayan hieroglyphs. In the hands of a dead man burial put a blade. According to the state of the blade, the researchers concluded that he was very sharp and hard. Such a weapon is easy could cut bones. The blade did not shine, it stuck to it reddish mass. Scientists have not yet done a chemical analysis of this substances and do not know what it is. “But you don’t need to be especially wild imagination to suggest that the weapons remained blood, “suggests Houston. Who, after all, was a mysterious Deceased? He died between 350 and 400 AD, and lived more than fifty years – for the ancient Mayans, this is a very respectable age. The fourth century is marked by turbulent events in the area of ​​El Zotz. Town continuously feuding with the neighboring large city of Tikal, located twenty kilometers east. Twenty kilometers – a dangerous distance, the enemy is too close. With the highest built in El Zotz, from the temple on top of the El Diablo pyramid, in clear weather Tikal was clearly visible. The pyramid in its modern form was built after the death of an unknown ruler. At his life in this place was a smaller temple dedicated to To the god of the sun. In such a sacred place, only very important person, perhaps the supreme ruler. “Location tombs, historical period and wealth of burial, erection the pyramids above this tomb – all this indicates that this ruler was the founder of the dynasty, “says the archaeologist Houston. Before traveling to the world, another ruler was dressed in a suit ritual dance performer, lined with small bells from shells inside which are hung dog’s teeth. Scientific the public will look forward with interest to scrupulous study of the remains of the ruler, children’s skeletons and all contents unusual Mayan burial in the ruins of an ancient city.

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