In the US, it’s becoming fashionable to take on life by hijacking and subsequent crash of aircraft

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Alexander Green has an amazing story “The Life of Glor”, somewhat reminiscent of “The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe.” One of the main the heroes of this work named Enniok because of a love for the beautiful a girl named Carmen, who prefers Glor to him, leaves his rival on a desert island, where he spends there long 8 years. At the end of the story, Enniok is faced with a choice: with shoot yourself with honor or hide in shame all your life from civilized society.

Enniok chooses the first, but at the very last moment he suddenly it dawns on me that to die, putting a bullet in my forehead, is boring and somehow it’s even unreasonable to have something funny to do with death. And he goes outside, meets a religious procession of local Aboriginal, begins to destroy their idols, why fanatics simply tear it to pieces. A man achieved his goal by suicide is original and very spectacular.

Therefore, when you read today’s sensational information about hijackings in the USA and their subsequent targeted crashes, it seems that these hijackers have read our Russian romantic writer, why they decided to take their scores to life in a rather original way.

For example, 47-year-old Dwayne Yud didn’t just hijack a civilian plane Cessna 525, but also crashed into it in its own house. how ABC News reporters suggest, an American like this way wanted to take revenge on his wife, apparently cheating on him. However during this barbaric action, only the house of Duane Jude suffered, nor the spouse, nor the child at that time were not in the building, but, being an experienced pilot, the American managed to smash filigree without causing harm to neighbors.

However, this is not the only case in recent days, a little earlier, that is, on August 11 of this year, another suicide bomber Richard Russell a plane from Seattle airport, after which it crashed (an airbus crashed into sea). Maybe American pilots actually read Alexander Green? Or in the USA for some other reason it becomes fashionable so original way to settle accounts with life? ..

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