In Transcaucasia found stone “flying plates”

Stone found in TranscaucasiaPhoto from open sources

In Nagorno-Karabakh – the Transcaucasian region in the east of the Armenian highlands – made a startling find that made eyewitnesses dumbfounded.

On Tuesday, December 20, there were many strange stone sculptures suspiciously reminiscent of their forms “flying saucers”. At least that’s what they describe intergalactic alien ships many eyewitnesses unidentified flying objects.

A photo from open sources

Sergey Shahverdyan, a local senior official, published several photos of mysterious monoliths in social network “Facebook”. According to the official, the find made by his employees in one of the districts of Artsakh, amazes imagination. On a relatively small area of ​​land here dozens of skillfully crafted blocks were scattered. In the present moment experts puzzle over who is the author of these masterpieces when they are executed and, no less interesting, with which purpose.

A photo from open sources

Photos of the statues caused a wide resonance among the regulars World Wide Web. Some Internet users believe that this scratched – stone troughs for crushing grapes. Others are convinced that we are talking about ancient millstones. Still others suggest that in ancient times, people, like we now, saw unidentified in the sky flying objects and decided to immortalize them in such sculptures, because for them it was not aliens, but gods. Ufologists, by the way, do not exclude that “flying saucers” made of stone may even have alien origin. This theory can be confirmed if the analysis shows that the artifacts are more than two seconds old half a million years, that is, the monoliths were completed even before stone age.

A photo from open sources

Scientists are not yet able to give the exact objects found assessment, experts only unanimously state that stone structures quite unusual. However, is it possible to seriously expect that people official science will certainly get to the bottom of the truth? All of a sudden we are really talking about alien artifacts, for some reason reason left by aliens on earth? Will the eminent agree professors recognize this fact?

By the way, the unique finds of Transcaucasia are already interested in foreign experts, in particular, Poles, Germans and British.

A photo from open sources

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