In Vologda discovered a mystical medieval burial

Vologda discovered a mystical medieval burialA photo from open sources

Archaeological detachment led by Igor Polievktovich Kukshina discovered in Vologda a strange burial place, which was in the medieval cultural layer of the city.

A coffin with human remains was found on Udarnikov Street. Strange in him was at least the fact that in the Middle Ages they did not bury people in solitary graves, such burials, of course, occur, but very rarely, most often on former churchyard graveyards. The most a nearby church that once stood on the street of Udarnikov, – this is the temple of Basil the Great, however, and he could not have a cemetery in the place where the excavations are currently underway. Then, on a graveyard would certainly other burials were discovered, and then there was one single coffin. Apparently, the man buried here was a man about a hundred and sixty centimeters.

The second oddity of this burial ground is simply mystical. how Igor Polievktovich himself told reporters, just before as his group discovered the burial place, a woman approached him, with most ordinary mind, and told that she until the mid-nineties years of the last century lived in this place. There was a residential building, and that house was considered bad. Some mystical things.

Then in the middle of the night there are knocks on the door or windows, heavy steps in neighboring rooms, or even in the bedroom where you sleep, then begin move objects, and in the afternoon in front of everyone. I saw a woman and a ghost that caused not so much fear as pity. It was felt that someone’s restless soul was tossing around like that, only it is not clear why she lingered on this place. Maybe buried somewhere nearby.

A photo from open sources

Just in a couple of hours, no more, says the head archaeological group, we found the remains of this restless soul. By the way, the Vologda woman said that the spirit calmed down somewhat of how the inhabitants of the house called the priest and he held a prayer service. Though she personally, continued to hear his night cries …

The remains of a medieval resident of these places were dated archaeologists of the fifteenth to seventeenth centuries. However it is approximately, more precisely, the date will be set after full clearing the burial. The remains of a man will be studied, and then by Christian custom reburied in the mass grave of Gorbachevsky Vologda cemeteries. It seems that after this soul, finally, will rest, having gone to the subtle world of the dead. As it appears, to linger on Earth and torment she had a lot – much sinful, apparently, was a man …

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