Incredible artifacts that can shed light on Earth history

Incredible artifacts that can shed light on the history of the EarthA photo from open sources It’s hard to imagine how much on our the planet runs all kinds of archaeological expeditions that tens of thousands of artifacts are excavated annually, only a small fraction of which goes to museums. The rest fall “dead weight” in storerooms, waiting in vain for their turn among the museum exhibits.

But among all these findings, the so-called incredible artifacts that do not fit into the “scientific” an idea of ​​the history of our earth. And because of them, most often, sent to special storage facilities, but simply put – hide from public, even silent about the fact of such findings.

A photo from open sources

Thanks to the Internet and the enthusiasm of some researchers and advanced scientists, we know today that archaeologists have found and over one hundred million years old iron hammer and imprint sandals proving that a civilized man roamed our a planet half a billion years ago, and some other artifacts. But there are few of them to revolutionize people’s minds and rewrite history, throwing Darwinism into the landfill and everything that is mixed into this pseudoscience. Moreover, in the world there are too many degrees protected just on the basis of Darwinism.

There is still not enough of that cellular monkey, which would allow the quantity go into a new quality, that is, there is little more evidence that man did not come from a monkey, but the history of civilizations on the Earth it is estimated not by some ten millennia. But few of them as such or not widely available to the public? In the new documentary “The most incredible artifacts hidden from us science “just gives the answer to this sensitive issue.

Ancient artifacts

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