Incredible sarcophagi discovered in Egypt

In Egypt, incredible sarcophagi foundPhotos from open sources of

On a hillside near the famous pyramid complex in Giza discovered twenty-four mysterious burials, which hid the striking sarcophagi made of aswan solid granite.

From a technical point of view, ancient stone coffins are made so skillfully and impeccably accurate that archaeologists seriously thought about the possibility of extraterrestrial origin of these artifacts and the appropriation of them by the pharaohs at a later time.

The total weight of the sarcophagi is more than a hundred tons. Coffins made with incredible skill, which, according to scientists, will cause jealousy even of today’s craftsmen who use the most advanced technique. Stone cutting is accurate to a couple of microns, thanks to which the sarcophagi still remain hermetically sealed. Researchers, of course, are in no hurry to open such valuable finds and are limited so far to the study of their external surfaces.

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It is assumed that we are talking about the burial of Apis bulls. Apis was a sacred bull and fertility god in ancient Egyptian mythology, which had its own temple in the city Memphis. Priests found an ordinary bull and called it another incarnation of Apis. The animal was fed the best food and with maximum care was taken of him. However live more than twenty-five years the bull was not allowed, therefore, if he is not dying to this age from natural causes, he was let down Nile and drowned. After that, Egyptian clerics searched new cloven-hoofed for this “position”.

Thus, archaeologists believe that in completely black sarcophagi can be stored mummies of twenty-four euthanized or bulls dead by their death Apis. Such a necropolis could become a real sensation, especially if scientists can prove that the ancient Egyptians were not able to create such masterpieces coffins. Maybe they were really helped by representatives of a certain extraterrestrial civilization? But most likely, they simply appropriated these artifacts …

By the way, very mysterious were discovered on sarcophagi hieroglyphs, the language of which scientists are not yet able to recognize. It, perhaps once again speaks of a possible alien origin excavated artifacts in Giza. It is believed that archaeologists and Egyptologists should seek the help of experienced ufologists.

A photo from open sources

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