Indian temple accurately predicts rain

In the village of Behata of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh there is an unusual temple. Over the years, he has been predicting peasants precipitation for the coming season.

It’s all about these drops of water. They form on the ceiling, moreover, until now no one knows how. Around there are no ponds. The temple stands on a hill.

A photo from open sources

Sudhir Shukla, farmer: “This temple is wide known as the Monsoon Temple. He is over 100 years old and daily peasants from the vicinity and from afar come here to pray. All can see water droplets dripping from the ceiling, and, in accordance with with this, it can be estimated how heavy the precipitation will be. IN There are no sources of water or lake in the vicinity. If there are few drops, then rain will be less, if – a lot, then rainfall will be good. Accordingly, we plant seeds for a good harvest. ”

The rainy season lasts in India from June to September, and these rainfall are vital to local agricultural land – 55% of them do not have other sources of irrigation. India is one of the largest food manufacturers and suppliers in the world.

This time the predictions are safe.

Kisan Verma, farmer: “This time, as we see drop by drop on the ceiling, rainfall will be good. ”

And here is what the farmer answered to the question of whether there were any cases, so that the predictions deceive:

Kisan Verma, farmer: “No, years of prediction, made in this temple proved to be faithful. And every time we come here to look at these drops and find out how strong monsoon rains are destined for us. ”

As locals say, a lot of people came to these places research teams and scientists from various parts of India. All they tried to find an explanation for the unusual phenomenon, but never came to a consensus.

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