Indians worshiped fair-skinned gods – Atlantam

Indians worshiped fair-skinned gods - AtlantesPhoto from open sources

Peter Voronkov talks about the secrets of Peru, Atlantis, the island Easter and Canary Islands.

Today we continue about the mysteries of our planet and once again off to Peru. The question still unanswered: by whom were the Inca rulers? Fair-skinned, bearded, so not like their fellow tribesmen. They were called descendants of the gods, and even the Spanish conquistadors in their memoirs confirm cardinal external differences of the Incan ruling clan from ordinary Indians. And right there continuation of this riddle. Indians themselves firmly believed in fair-skinned gods, most of whom, having taught them the basics of civilization, disappeared, but according to legend, promised to return. Some scholars tend to believe that it was the Atlanteans who survived disaster.

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Now Atlantis, which for hundreds of years excites the minds of scientists. By the approval of some experts, a detailed story about this The state was kept in the Alexandria Library. But during fire these papyrus burned. Atlantis searched all over the world – from Gibraltar to Peru, but in vain. Next, take a look at Easter Island: who and why erected the giant statues of Moai? There is no answer to this question. A because there are about 900! Most are near the volcano Rano Raraku. According to local legend, the Moai are the giants who came to island, but then forgot how to walk and petrified.

Fast forward to the Canary Islands: Guanches, local natives, tall, red-haired people, absolutely not typical for this region. They didn’t know how to speak, they talked with a whistle. And here is what amazing – this is the only island nation that never built boats, and in general navigation was prohibited for them. Why So? Unknown If you return to Atlantis, you can summarize: Well, this people scattered all over the world. Although also far from fact!

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