Information about the civilization of giants “buried” in archives

Information about the civilization of the giantsA photo from open sources

Miners from Moberly, Missouri, USA discovered during the work of the “wonderful city”, which was buried on a depth of approximately 360 feet. There is a lot about this news in 1885 they wrote newspapers.

Further excavations revealed numerous artifacts: silicon and bronze knives, stone benches, granite and stone hammers, metal figurines, fountains …

The remains of an extraordinary were found near one of the fountains. the human body. The size of the bones indicated that people once living here, were three times higher than the average modern man. They also had enviable muscles and differed in speed.

The measurement results were published. So, the length of the femoral the bone was approximately 1.4 meters long, tibial length bones – 1.3 meters. The cranial bones were divided into two parts, coronary and sagittal sutures were destroyed.

The ancient city was covered with a thick layer of lava. Excavations give the opportunity to assume that once there was even his own road network. A hall was also found in it on the benches – various tools.

The amazing exploration of the “city of giants” lasted only twelve hours, after which the search for new discoveries was stopped due to lack of oil lamps.

However, those artifacts that were found in these twelve hours, enough to claim the high development of this civilization.

Unfortunately, find information on further study of the mysterious the city has so far failed. It is possible, however, that it still exists among the historical documents of Moberly …

A photo from open sources

Giants Ancient Artifacts

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