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Planet of insectsPhoto from open sources Six hundred million years ago living on planet Earth insects were truly gigantic in size. This scientists concluded based on recent research. According to scientists, insects on Earth appeared about three and a half million years ago. The planet seemed to be given into their possession. IN Paleozoic era, according to scientists, insect dominated all living beings. Can imagine what terrible predators they were. Biologists managed to create them appearance. And this appearance shocked scientists: in the jaws of the middle a prehistoric bug would have fit a large dog. Scope the wings of the ancestors of the present dragonfly was at least one and a half meters. It’s unbelievable, but insects preyed even on small ones. dinosaurs.

Insects are brilliantly simple. If a person, in order to enrich the blood with oxygen, you need lungs and complex circulatory system, then arthropods do not need anything. They breathe whole body, and special pores carry oxygen directly to internal organs.

When many centuries ago the oxygen content in the air shrunk, these pores and trachea, although they have grown, but still were unable to meet the needs of insects. But insects surprisingly quickly adapt to any changes. Then their internal organs began to decline. It’s simple amazingly, at the present time, the dimensions of these creatures are the most optimal for today’s atmosphere.

In the Paleozoic era, they had the same body structure, but much large sizes, but they lacked oxygen due to its greater concentration in the air. It’s hard to imagine what will happen if the fraction of this gas in the atmosphere rises, say, by ten to fifteen percent. This change on man is clearly not will be reflected, but an ordinary cockroach will be the size of a bear. And then hordes of these hungry terrible creatures very quickly destroy everything living on the planet. And although this is unlikely to happen in an instant, but, the fact that the process will go very fast is a fact.

Some scientists believe that evolution in the universe proceeds according to single scenario. In the depths of space, in their opinion, can there are planets on which life evolved as well as on Earth, however, it originated sooner or later. And that means that in the universe there are worlds inhabited by giant insects. AND today we already know how to distinguish them: in the atmosphere of such planets, most likely there will be a lot of oxygen. At the same time, everyone else characteristics are not so important. These creatures can adapt to any gravity, to any radiation and temperature extremes.

For the first time such a planet with an atmosphere where there are both oxygen and hydrogen were discovered in 2004 using the Hubble Orbital Telescope. She is in the constellation Pegasus, at a distance of one hundred and fifty light-years from the Solar system. According to preliminary information, this planet represents a hot gas giant with dimensions slightly larger than Jupiter. Scientists called her Osiris.

The surface of this planet is made up of hot gases. May have it, like the Earth, has an iron core. By unexplained so far reasons from the atmosphere of Osiris with great speed disappears hydrogen, which leads to the fact that Osiris stretches a train of hydrogen atoms. She was even called the “evaporating planet.” Wind on Osiris – this real hellish place – blows at a speed of ten thousand kilometers per hour and it’s unlikely that there are habitual us life forms. However, the concentration of oxygen in its lower layers such that creatures such as arthropods would feel there quite comfortable.

Osiris is a classic example of an insect planet. However oxygen is not the only sign of the world in which insects will feel comfortable. For example, for a long time it was believed that the planet Venus is lifeless while the Space Institute research has not discovered that mysterious crawl on it scorpions.

Judging by the presence of life by the composition of the atmosphere, then interesting discovery gives Mars. NASA researchers said that, based on methane emissions, we can talk about the presence of life on the Red Planet. At least on Earth it is. For the presence in the atmosphere of ninety percent of methane is responsible for insects and bacteria, the rest is volcanic activity. But the depths of Mars are dead, and its surface lifeless. There is only one explanation for the presence of methane – insects. American biologists believe that mysterious Martian insects live under the surface of the planet or under a layer of ice. And, most likely, these creatures are active now. After all if they died millions of years ago, methane would cease stand out.

At the same time, researchers say that if you look for a planet for populating it with insects, then any one is suitable for this. These creatures with their incredible ability to survive in extreme conditions with ease can live for a long time without oxygen or even go to another type of gas.

Few people know that an insect can do without food until twenty years old. This creature easily survives the loss of one or two limbs, moreover, it can even grow new ones. It able to reproduce up to a million individuals similar to themselves. But the main – insects are better than all living creatures able to tolerate cold, overheating, radiation and giant gravitational overloads.

In 2009, Russian scientists conducted a unique experiment: a peculiar Noah’s ark was sent to the Earth’s orbit – a capsule with living things. Most of them were insects, in particular ordinary red cockroaches. It was an adaptation experiment. These creatures spent twelve days in space and returned alive.

Cockroaches traveled so well in space that experts even They asked themselves: have they come to us from other planets? IN science has a theory of panspermia, according to which microorganisms were brought to Earth from space by meteorites falling on it. Exactly so in the silent desert of the innate world was “sown” biological diversity. But the same thing could happen with insect larvae: having flown from distant stars, they are excellent took root on Earth. A indirect confirmation of their cosmic origin is the uniqueness of insects. In its outward they don’t have a mind, a structure, a way of life and aggressive habits analogues on Earth. It seems that in the evolution of the living creatures on the planet insects do not fit at all.

At sunset in ancient Egypt, the priest Manetho composed a very accurate chronicle of his state, which was just a godsend for science. Chronicles say there were thirty mortal dynasties Pharaohs, and before them on the sacred land ruled by the gods who flew from stars. And in the era between gods and people, the royal throne was occupied some Shemes mountains are demigods. And among them was a mysterious king Scorpio, which according to the traditions of the peoples of Egypt was real personality. Horus, or rather Scorpio, was mentioned in the Book of the Dead, his the image is in ancient temples, and on stone rods in ancient Egyptian capital Hierakonpol. Near the head of this pharaoh is always depicts a seven-petal scorpion rosette. And on the characters the power of Scorpio depicts creatures related to the god Seth – Lord of horror, darkness and evil. It is believed that the word satan came precisely from this deity.

Archaeologists are still wondering who this one really was mysterious pharaoh. The greedy interest of archaeologists is also fueled by because the tomb of King Scorpio could not be found for a long time. AND only in the middle of the twentieth century was a discovery made: away from the well-known valley of the kings, where the tombs of all the pharaohs are located, in a sacred temple complex in the middle of the desert, scientists unearthed twelve-room tomb. All regalia were inscribed on it. King Scorpio. It would seem that the clue is close, but the tomb was empty.

However, the Iberian papyrus sheds light on the riddle, in a treatise on which poisons describes all the means used in ancient Egyptian medicine of that time. It says that a pharaoh talking about drug production may have been versed in this or even himself was poisonous. But believe that the throne of the pharaoh could occupy a giant insect, very difficult. Although this the fantastic hypothesis is not so unfounded. History knows and other examples of mention of such creatures.

So-called Hopi Indians live on American reserves predictions which always come true. Hopi Prophecies Today considered one of the most reliable, along with the prophecies Wangi. It is these indigenous people of North America who predicted the tragedy of September 11, 2001. And it’s Hopi who say that at first God created the goddess – a spider woman, who then produced humanoid insects.

As a result of archaeological excavations in Peru were found amazing artifacts: portraits of creatures that represented a creature with two legs, crab arms and a human face. Local Aborigines consider them their ancestors.

There in the tomb on the king’s chest was found a copper plate with depicting a web and a spider with a human face sitting on belly and surrounded by nine eggs. This spider has eight legs and two, similar to antennas, a shoot.

Researchers say nature created insects almost invulnerable community. They are easy to interrupt one by one, but impossible to destroy completely. They quickly make up for their populations. These cold-blooded and ruthless killers, destroying everything in its path and gifted with supernatural qualities, absolutely uncontrollable.

In 1956, the American geneticist Warwick Kerr through the cross was bred “Africanized” breed of bees, producing honey more than any other variety. But she has there was one, but a very terrible flaw – incredible aggressiveness and very dangerous poison.

And although the scientist took all safety measures, nevertheless several bee families flew away. And then a chain reaction began. Not encountering natural enemies, these bees started incredibly fast multiply and attack people. It is possible that these “wrong” bees become biological weapons created by himself by man. This population may well begin to fight Americans for habitat, as if some ancient race is trying take revenge.

All this would be simply informative, if it did not concern each of us. Scientists have long been sounding the alarm. After all, today six hundred twenty five thousand species of insects are known, and this the number is growing every year. And if they come from space, then the smallest harm from such guests is the spread of new viruses. But the worst thing is that humanity does not know who will fly to us next time …

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