Instead of teeth, people will have a beak

But it will not look like a “bird”, but like a puffer fish Instead of teeth, people will have a beak.Photos from open sources British scientists again excelled their unprecedented predictions. University Specialists Sheffield said that in the process of evolution, people will lose their teeth, and instead, a pointed beak will appear. Scientists say teeth are the weakest place in the human body. Significantly increased lifespan and modern diet made teeth one of the weaknesses of man. Change only once in a lifetime unreliable and susceptible to many diseases. That is why in future they should disappear. As once, for example, disappeared for tail and hair from the body are unnecessary. But the beak will not be bird’s, but how in puffer fish. Experts explain that the jaws of the fish of the family pufferfish over millions of years of evolution have developed special beaks, helping to get food. Four horn plates form solid and practical beak with which these fish are deftly open mollusks and crumble small fish. Scientists isolated cells that are responsible for the fact that fish are able to change teeth an infinite number of times. After that, this model was “applied” to person. And it turned out that instead of a large number of new teeth, in humans, a beak is likely to form. But only after two million years. Svetlana KUZINA

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