Interesting facts about Egypt

Interesting facts about EgyptA photo from open sources 1. According to one of the many theories, the pyramids in Egypt personify the divergent rays of the sun. 2. In Egypt the revolution of 2011, the social network Facebook played not unimportant meaning, as a sign of this, one man from the people of Egypt called your daughter facebook. 3. In Egypt alone, more than 5 million live. Facebook social users. It is much more than any another country in the middle east. Egypt ranks 21st in the world by the number of Internet users. 4. The largest number Indigenous Arabs live in Egypt. 5. More than 90% of the population – Muslims, about 9% belong to the Coptic Church and only about 1% are Christians. 6. The longest reign of Pharaoh in Egyptian history – 94 years, ruled by Pharaoh Piopi II in 2246-2152 to AD He became king at age 6. 7. If you look at the flag of Egypt in detail, you can see that it looks like the flags of Syria, Iraq, Yemen and consists of red, black and white stripes. Black color displays oppression, red – war and struggle, white – light the future of the people. 8. In Egypt, 83% of literate men and 59.4% live literate women. 9. On average, an inch of rainfall irrigates a country year. 10. The greatest ruler of the Egyptian empire is considered Ramses. II (1279-1212 BC). He ruled the country for 60 years, during which time 90 children appeared to him. He had 8 official wives and more than 100 concubines. 11. The Great Pyramid of Giza was built as tombs for the pharaoh Cheops. According to official figures on her construction took 20 years, it is built of huge blocks limestone, each of which weighs two to three elephants. Height the pyramids are about 149 meters, and the area it occupies is approximately five standard football fields. 12. In ancient times, the inhabitants of Egypt believed that if you mummify the body of the deceased, then he will safely enter the kingdom of the dead. When mummification first the body was embalmed, and after that it was enveloped and buried. All organs preserved in special funeral vases. 13. The Egyptians embalmed and animals, once scientists found a large mummy crocodile. 14. The Egyptians applied special makeup to their eyes, made from some kind of black substance mixed with oil. So so they believed that this compound heals poor eyesight and protects eyes from infections. 15. The Egyptians had three different calendar: agricultural daily, astronomical, lunar. The first consisted of three seasons of 4 months. Astronomical the calendar was formed due to observation of the star Sirius, appearing in the sky before the flood season. Priests led for themselves also the lunar calendar, according to which they performed services to God Khonsu.

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