Is Noah’s Ark Found?

Is Noah's Ark Found?Photo from open sources

From time to time in the media appear messages about the search for Noah’s ark. And a keen interest in this topic quite understandable! A huge ship in which in 2370-2369 BC Noah and his family survived the Flood would certainly become significant archaeological find. No attempt was made to find the ark. times, however, his search is still ongoing. Today made a lot of sensational statements and all kinds of assumptions. But what can be confidently called a fact? According to the Bible, Noah the ark “stopped in the mountains of Ararat” (Genesis 8: 4). Massif Ararat is located in the east of Turkey, near the border with Armenia and Iran, and includes the famous Mount Ararat. During of numerous expeditions to these parts, interesting hypotheses appeared, who have not yet found sufficient evidence. Curious aerial photographs, pieces of wood covered with resin, as well as stories eyewitnesses fueled a desire to find even more compelling evidence. However, the search for the ark involves many difficulties. The fact is that one of the alleged places where the ark rests, is located on the slope of Mount Ararat at an altitude of about 4600 meters above sea level. Also due to political instability in this region to foreign expeditions is not always manages to get permission to climb these mountains. But still many people obsessed with finding the ark strongly support organization of such expeditions. They are convinced that fragments the ark still lies on Mount Ararat, most of the year buried under the thickness of ice and snow. In their opinion, see the ark or get close to it is possible, but only in extremely hot summer periods. Interest in the ark was also warmed up by various messages. For example, the Jewish historian of the first century Josephus referred to the statements of earlier historians, during which the ark was still visible high in the mountains of Ararat. They say that people they took as a keepsake pieces of wood covered with resin. Among the historians whom Flavius ​​mentions are the Babylonian chronicler Beros, living in the 3rd century BC In the 20th century, one of the most curious Messages became the story of George Hagopian. According to him, he is still the boy climbed the mountain with his uncle and even climbed the ark. Hagopian died in 1972, but his story still leads to the delight of many people. Shaky foundation for faith good reason to believe that the ark is already found, or to hope that they will find him in the near future? Maybe. But for now, more reasons for skepticism. Recall, for example, that the Bible does not indicate where it was the ark that stopped when the waters of the Flood came down. There is only the “mountains of Ararat” are mentioned in passing. It’s natural that in the field researchers and sensation hunters get the most highest mountain in this region. However, the Bible does not say that God deliberately stopped the ark on top of Mount Ararat, which located about five kilometers above sea level and is covered today a cap of eternal snows. Today, Ararat is called a mountain range volcanic origin, the maximum height of which is 5 165 meters. Since 1840, the volcano has not been active. By the way, after the ark stopped, Noah and his family still remained inside for several months (Genesis 8: 4,5). And even when they set foot on land, it seems unlikely that many animals had to climb down from the top, like climbers the mountains. Apparently, the place where the ark stopped was more accessible than modern researchers imagine, and at that the time is high enough, as follows from the description in Genesis 8: 4,5: “In the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, the ark stopped at the mountains of Ararat. The waters gradually decreased until the tenth months. In the tenth month, on the first day of the month, the peaks appeared mountains. “But even if the ark stopped somewhere else Ararat mountains, what is the likelihood that for centuries it has not was destroyed by the forces of nature or plundered by humans? Moreover, the religious significance of such discoveries is greatly exaggerated. The organizer of one expedition, for example, stated that the find the ark “will establish the faith of millions … and many will lead to faith.” On the at a 2004 press conference he said that if the ark would be found, it will be “the greatest event after the resurrection of Christ.” True, his expedition did not take place. But is it really can such a finding strengthen or awaken faith? According to Bibles, true faith is not based on what can be seen or touch (2 Corinthians 5: 7). Meanwhile, it cannot be said that true faith does not require any evidence. On the contrary she built on a solid foundation “Faith is a reasonable expectation of what they are hoping for is clear evidence of the existing, although and the invisible “(Hebrews 11: 1). Is there such proof? Can to convince thinking people of the authenticity of the biblical message about the Flood? Yes, this is the testimony of Christ himself. He said bluntly: “… Noah went into the ark and the flood came and destroyed all” (Luke 17: 26, 27). His words are the most convincing evidence available. But why can they be trusted? Before Jesus came to earth lived in the sky. Jesus said to them: “Verily, verily, I say unto you, before Abraham appeared, I was already “(John 8:58). He saw how the ark was built, the Flood saw. Whose testimony do you think more significant: the word of an eyewitness, the Son of God, who proved that worthy of absolute trust, or assumptions of researchers, who cling to ghostly hope on top of a mountain pieces tree frozen in century-old ice? If you look at the facts with this position, then the evidence for the existence of Noah’s ark is already more than enough. Irina Piskunova

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