Is the current head of the Sphinx not real?

Is the current head of the Sphinx not real?A photo from open sources

Some say the Great Sphinx is thousands of years older than usually considered. Disputes about his age are in the archaeological community for decades. In the early 90s, a geologist Dr. Robert Schoch of Boston University was the first to stir the scientific community when it announced that the sphinx refers to 5000 or 7000 BC, preceding the dynastic Egyptian culture.

“In 1990, I first visited Egypt. My only goal was to explore the Great Sphinx in terms of geology. I believed that Egyptologists correctly assessed his age. But soon I discovered that geological evidence contradicts the data Egyptologists, “writes Schoch on his website.

Egyptologists are of the opinion that the Sphinx was built in era of the reign of Pharaoh Hafra. It is believed that hafra, also known as Pharaoh Chefren, organized the construction of the Sphinx in 2500 BC

But geological data indicate a more ancient era. Sphinx cut down from the rock at the construction site, in addition to the body of the Sphinx the structure includes rock walls that surround his.

“I found traces of erosion that I thought could be arise only as a result of showers and runoff. But the sphinx located on the edge of the Sahara desert, this region was very arid over the past 5000 years. ”

Schoch studied several neighboring structures that are uniquely relate to the era of the ancient kingdom of Egyptian history to compare them with the Sphinx. These structures showed erosion from the wind. and sand, which are markedly different from water erosion.

He concluded that the Sphinx belongs to an earlier period from about 5000 to 9000 BC, when in this the region had more rainfall. After a detailed study, Schoch came to the conclusion that the pharaoh Hafra ordered the restoration of the Sphinx to make it part of your tomb. By the time the Sphinx was already several thousand years. In the dynastic era of ancient Egypt, the Sphinx could undergo other changes.

“It’s obvious that the current head is not original head. The original head should have been serious suffer from weathering and erosion. In the dynastic era did a new head, trimmed the original, as a result, it became less, “says Schoch.

A photo from open sources

He also suggested that initially the figure had the shape of a lion, and not the sphinx.

Such a statement caused shock among scholars, historians and Egyptologists who claimed that in Egypt in such an ancient era there was no civilization capable of building the Sphinx. However in others parts of the world found archaeological sites testifying to the existence of such ancient civilizations. One such place is the remains of the Goebekli-Tele complex in Turkey, its time alleged construction of 9000 BC

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