Is the secret of the Shroud of Turin revealed?

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For many centuries, the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin has been questionable. That is why over the past decades has been A lot of scientific research was conducted on the topic: is revered fabric by miracle, or it’s just a skillful rally. By concerning the nature of the appearance of the “Face of the Lord” was put forward many assumptions. Many experts were inclined to version, that the shroud is a medieval fake that appeared over the centuries later than Jesus himself. However, there were those who had reason to believe that the shroud is still real. It is believed that the Shroud of Turin – the fabric in which the body of Jesus Christ was wrapped after it crucifixion. It imprinted the image of the body and face of a man, remotely resembling all of us the familiar image of Jesus, depicted in the icons. Despite the fact that the Catholic Church does not have an official position regarding the authenticity of Turin shroud to see this relic, every year to Turin the cathedral (located in Italy) stretches tens of thousands of people. So after all, what do people believe in? A miraculous miracle or skillful cheating? Version 1: medieval radiocarbon fake tests conducted in three different laboratories in 1980, showed that the age of the fabric of the Shroud of Turin is only only about 800 years old. Based on this, the shroud was created in Middle Ages, approximately between 1260 and 1390. In addition, the first references to her in historical sources also begin appear around the same time. Think a simple coincidence? A here skeptics, unfortunately, do not think so. However, critics of this versions claim that researchers took a sample for analysis fabric that was used to repair the shroud in medieval period. Version 2: neutron emission during an earthquake Based on another, no less popular version, the Shroud of Turin appeared as a result of a devastating earthquake, which happened in old Jerusalem at about the same time when they crucified Jesus It turns out all living things have the same the ratio of stable isotopes of radioactive carbon is 14. After carbon decays in death, and its concentration in organic materials allows archaeologists to reliably find out the age of that or other investigated object. Usually carbon-14 is created in as a result of the collision of cosmic ray neutrons with atmospheric nitrogen atoms, although its occurrence may be caused by artificial nuclear reaction. A group of Italian scientists decided explore the high-frequency pressure waves generated in the earth crust during earthquakes that could provoke significant neutron emissions. Scientists are inclined to believe that these neutron emissions, directly interacting with nitrogen atoms in the linen fibers of the shroud, caused chemical reactions that and created an image of the face and body of Jesus. In addition, they influenced the results of radiocarbon tests, the results of which (based on the above), were not true. Version 3: shroud genuine giulio Fanti, professor of engineering University of Padua last year published the book “Mystery Shrouds. “In the book he tells of what he carried out a thorough analysis confirms one hundred percent – the shroud is genuine. The professor has no doubt that neutron radiation is not the only possible source responsible for creating the image body of Jesus. His own theory is based on corona discharge. In addition, Giulio is confident that analyzes performed in the 1980s, framed incorrectly, most likely due to neutron the radiation that Italian scientists are talking about. The question arises: if theoretically possible that as a result of an earthquake generated neutrons are formed that can provoke such a reaction why this effect was not seen elsewhere archaeological data? Perhaps the Shroud of Turin – really a miracle? At least, I sincerely want to believe!

Earthquake time

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