Israeli archaeologists deny events Bible

As a result of several decades excavations, scientists concluded that “the great events described in Scripture never happened, “writes Van Vannuccini in an article in the newspaper La Repubblica.

Who destroyed the walls of Jericho? Today, many in Israel said that this is the work of archaeologists – at least the walls were “disassembled”. Data obtained as a result of many years of work Israeli archaeologists at the sites described in the Holy The scriptures are radically different from what they are talking about Bible.

Remains of the walls of Jericho

Israeli archaeologists refute the events of the BibleA photo from open sources

So, for example, not Israeli clerics at all seven days walking around the walls and the sounds of their pipes destroyed the walls of Jericho. There were simply no walls, the author of the article writes. The settlements of Canaan, the promised land of the Israelites, were not “large,” as the Bible says, and were not fenced off walls rising to heaven.

“Therefore, the heroism of the conquerors, who allegedly fought with the superior forces of the Canaanites, nothing more than theological reconstruction devoid of any factual base, says archaeologist Zeev Herzog, one of the most famous professors Department of Archeology, Tel Aviv University. – Thus, based on all the results we have obtained, most scientists in archeology, biblical studies, and Jewish history people agree that the events described in the Bible were not historical facts. These are legends just like your legend about Romulus and Ram. It’s about a real scientific revolution. ”

“Archeology became a national hobby in the 50s and 60s, – Herzog says. – New nations seek support in archeology to strengthen national unity, restore the country. And children immigrants needed to establish contact with the land of their ancestors. it became a collective hobby, which is why I became archaeologist. ”

“So we were digging and digging. Gradually, the first contradictions. In the end, all these excavations led to which became clear: the Israelites were never in Egypt, never roamed the desert, never conquered the land, so that later give it to the Twelve tribes of Israel. None of the central events of the history of the Jews was not confirmed by what we found, – tells the scientist. – The outcome, for example, could concern only several families whose history was then expanded and “nationalized” for theological reasons. ”

This high-profile revolution hardly coexists in collective consciousness, says the professor. The most difficult moment to comprehend for those who have always believed in the Bible, has become a historical document on that the great kingdom of David and Solomon, which, according to Scripture, the highest point of political, military and economic power the people of Israel, a kingdom which, according to the Book of Kings, stretched from the shores of the Euphrates to Gaza, is, according to Herzog, “historiographic, not true building. ”

“The greatness of the Kingdom of David and Solomon is epic, not historical. Perhaps the last proof of this is that we are so and didn’t know what it was called, Herzog says. – Jerusalem all dug up. Excavations yielded an impressive amount of materials, relating to periods preceding and subsequent existence the united kingdom of David and Solomon. Nothing confirms the fact of the existence of the kingdom, not a single clay fragment.

And this does not mean that archaeologists were looking in the wrong place. They are received ample evidence that in the time of David and Solomon Jerusalem was a large settlement in which there was no the central temple, nor the royal palace. David and Solomon were the heads of tribal principalities who controlled small areas, David is in Hebron, Solomon is in Jerusalem. At the same time on the hills of Samaria arose a separate state. Israel and Samaria were originally two separate, sometimes at war with each other kingdoms. ”


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