It became known who built the Egyptian pyramids

It became known who built the Egyptian pyramidsA photo from open sources

Immediately it is necessary to make a reservation that scientists in every possible way by all truths and by falsehood hide this information, since it is completely not fits into the foundations of the world that we have been describing to us since childhood history books. They have been finding places on the planet for a long time burials, and more often the remains of dead giant people. Them dig around the world, both on land and under water in the seas and oceans. A group of independent researchers is addressing this issue. for many years now and have already formed a true picture of what It was actually 12-20,000 years ago on our planet. But this is not so long ago! The growth of giants during life ranged from 4 to 12 meters, besides great physical strength they possessed phenomenal mental abilities. Isn’t this a mysterious civilization Atlantis, which some consider mythical, while others are real existent and perished. Photos from open sources

So, researchers say that this particular civilization giants built pyramids not only in Egypt, but in of the entire planet, the total number of pyramids erected by them totals more than 600. Moreover, the construction was carried out in a strictly specified geometry. Pyramids were erected without the use of any slave power with the help of simple technology that is used now, this is an ordinary formwork, that is, blocks did not move to a large distance, and poured with a solid concrete composition into wooden forms! And their purpose was energetic and associated with cosmic energy, the use of which is still unknown to us. it then only another civilization of people in particular the Egyptians began to worship the supreme gods who built the pyramids and made of them tombs for the pharaohs, this is religion and separate topic. As you know, the Egyptians themselves did not build pyramids! The most interesting question is why such giants could to exist and why did they die !? The fact is that scientists are expressing version of the four moons, and the gravity on the planet was completely different and atmospheric pressure is different, under such physical conditions people the giants could feel great and live prohibitively long. A death caused by disaster, the fall of three moons to the surface of the earth. But researchers disprove this theory, as you imagine what will happen if at least now our moon approaches our the planet is not the end of the world, but simply its death. So there is the opinion that in fact gravity on the planet was different, and around the earth was a belt of ice asteroids, like rings around Saturn. Therefore, the planet was extremely enriched with oxygen, which gave a strong impetus to the development of not only giant people, but also fauna. But as a result of pole changes and other of space changes, the ice belt collapsed on the earth with a flurry of water, which led to the death of this civilization, respectively, and climate changes are already close in physics to our current ones. One way or another, the existence of a very advanced civilization of giants there is a place to be, but scientists go against this and do not want to acknowledge this fact, as well as the fact that dinosaurs and humans existed together at the same time! Therefore, they will stamp for a long time history books, where there will be, as always, the statement that we descended from monkeys.

Water Gravity Pyramids

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