It started before the fall of the asteroid: true the cause of the death of dinosaurs

It began before the fall of the asteroid: the true cause of the death of dinosaursA photo from open sources

American scientists have discovered the real cause of extinction dinosaurs and other organisms that occurred 66 million years back. They said that the cause of the extinction of the ancient dinosaurs was not only an asteroid, as previously thought.

It turned out that global changes on the planet began occur even before the fall of the asteroid, which only “drove last nail “into a shaky biosphere. About this The discovery was reported by the news publication.

World scientists have put forward a similar hypothesis before, but this moment there were not enough strong arguments to argue about her absolute veracity.

In the petrified shells of mollusks and snails that lived at the end Cretaceous, was discovered isotopic composition of calcium. The study showed that its chemical composition was changed before collisions of an asteroid with the Earth. It speaks of rapid growth. the amount of carbon in the oceans. The fault was long eruptions of the Deccan Traps (a large magmatic province in India).

A photo from open sources

The Deccan Traps have been saturated for many years of activity Earth’s atmosphere with carbon dioxide, which then fell into the ocean, adversely affecting the inhabitants of the underwater world. Ancient shells mollusks contain calcium carbonate, which is destroyed in carbonated water.

Earlier, an astrophysicist from Jesse Christiansen reported that dinosaurs could live in another part of our galaxy.


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