Italian accidentally discovered in his house tomb of the time of Christ

The Italian accidentally discovered in his house a tomb of the time of ChristA photo open source Lucian Fagiano living in Italian the city of Lecce, has long wanted to turn the first floor of his house into a restaurant. For this, the man first needed to repair sewer pipe. Businessman repairing plumbing unexpectedly found a tomb in the basement of his own home. Later it turned out that she was about two thousand years old.

Giving an interview to local journalists, the Italian joked that sewer repair has never been so interesting. According to Fagiano, he began to carefully dig basement where no one has been for many decades. Suddenly the earth is gone the man’s under his feet, and he only miraculously did not fail on four meter depth. The earth floor, as it turned out, was hiding under an ancient tomb of the times of the Roman Empire.

The dungeon brought Lucian many finds. Italian digging almost two weeks and found during this time many fragments ancient Franciscan chapel with perfectly preserved engravings depicting the Templars. As a result, the man came to to the conclusion that he should abandon the idea of ​​opening a restaurant and instead create a museum on the first floor of your house.

The local scientific community, as well as many officials provide Fagiano all sorts of support. It is noteworthy that such cases in This village is not a rarity. So in the last year in Lecce were discovered the ruins of the ancient Roman amphitheater. A year earlier, under an unremarkable parking lot dug up the fragments of the walls of an old temple. And now unique tomb…


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