Kingdom deep in the earth

The kingdom deep in the earthA photo from open sources

February 28, 2003 at a mine located near the city Jixi (Heilutziang Province), a rock collapse occurred. Master mine initially denied the fact of the disaster, but after miners’ relatives turned to the authorities, had to admit that fourteen miners were missing.

Rescue work allowed to find the bodies of only twelve human. Two, Wang Hu and Lao Pen, remained behind the wall collapsed rock, which was too dangerous to disassemble. Mine closed, the owner was sentenced to a long term of imprisonment, the families of the deceased and missing were assigned the appropriate welfare.

Five years later, Wang Hu returned home. No one expected the miner. Behind This time has changed a lot: his wife, considering herself hellish, left married, older children parted. Wang Hu accepted what happened stoically, I bought a new home and began to live gardening. However, after a short time they became interested law enforcement: it turned out that relatives received Compensation for his death in the mine is illegal. Got a question – why didn’t Wang Hu make himself known earlier?

Wang Hu said he was ready to fully compensate for the produced payments, and all these years he lived among the mighty Ktons inhabiting the depths of the earth.

Such a statement puzzled the representative of the government. Decision Hu Wang special commission was sent for examination in hospital. Doctors concluded that Wang Hu is completely healthy body and soul, and his story about the years spent no more than fantasy of common sense. However, doctors could not explain where in fact, there was a miner (which, in fact, was not part of the circle their tasks), and why the miner didn’t have the slightest sign anthracose. This is a lung disease characteristic of miners, characterized by steady progression and cases of cure practically not observed. Five years ago, Wang Hu had a primary stage of anthracosis, and soon he had to give up the profession, if he wanted to live the rest of his life not a complete disabled person. But u Returning Wang Hu was not a trace of pulmonary pathology. More he also had thirty-two teeth – although five years ago there were only twenty-five left. Wang Hu’s body in all respects corresponded to the age of twenty six – twenty eight laid, but in fact, he was thirty-nine.

The competent authorities launched a thorough investigation. It turned out that there were about forty thousand yuan in Wang Hu’s bank account, accepted in cash in April 2008, two weeks before returning miner home. A silent search revealed that Wang Hu had even more ten thousand yuan in cash, and, especially alarming, uncooked emeralds worth more than three hundred thousand yuan.

There was an assumption that Wang Hu is not Wang Hu at all, but agent of a foreign power. The main objection was that the agent there was seemingly nothing to do to a foreign power in Jixi, and indeed in general, the days of traditional resident spies are a thing of the past: millions of Chinese annually go abroad and return back, because rival intelligence agencies have the ability to recruit agents in a less exotic way.

It also turned out that Wang Hu received the money as a result of the sale Raw Emeralds to a Jeweler in Shanghai – Actually, About This the miner himself said, the secret services only checked his veracity testimony. When asked where he got them, Wang Hu replied that he got them while staying with the Mighty Ktons.

The special services had to study the story told, and then hand-recorded Wang Hu.

It boiled down to the following: as a result of the disaster, Wang Hu and Lao The foams were cut off from the surface. About three days they waiting for help, but did not hear any signs of rescue work (in this time they weren’t carried out, as the owner of the mine tried to hush up a business). Suffering from a lack of food (there was plenty of water), they decided to explore the ancient passages leading into the depths of development. One of these reputed moves led them to a horizon where work has not been carried out for more than thirty years due to coal depletion. Passing through it, they found another move. but he did not lead to the surface, but in depth. Just in case, they decided to investigate him. And there, in the depths, they were attacked by strange people are ktons. Despite the fact that the highest kton barely reached Van Hoodo belt (miner height – sixty-two meter), both miners were defeated and captured. But they were fed their fill – and led further down into the kingdom of the Cthons.

How deep they descended, one could only speculate. Van Hu believes that the depth is about fifteen kilometers Contrary to the prevailing theories in geology, the temperature on this the depth was bearable, and the air was clean. There deep down there a system of cavities in the form of lenses interconnected by moves. Lenses these are up to three thousand steps across and more than three hundred meters in height. Vaulted cavities emit a faint orange glow in the afternoon (possibly induced by the flow of special solar energy, penetrating into the thickness of the earth’s crust), getting used to which, you can perfectly oriented and even read. In these huge caves The villages of Ktonov, the underground people, are located. In one cave lives up to a thousand people – and the fact that the ctons belonged to to the human mind, Wang Hu has no doubt.

Among the Ktons, he and Lao Pen spent five years. Tongue Ktonov is not like Chinese, but easy to learn, and soon prisoners could well explain themselves to others. It turned out right away that they were not considered prisoners at all. Ktons believe that life on the surface is a great misfortune, and therefore accepted Wang Hu and his fellow fugitives seeking passage to a better world. And indeed The Ktons knew neither hunger nor disease.

They ate mold, growing in abundance in caves. Mold has a peculiar, not without pleasant taste and extremely helpful. Both he and Lao Pen felt very quickly a surge of mental and physical strength, both had a change of teeth – the matter is common for ktons, the teeth of the underground people change every twenty to twenty five years throughout life, which rarely shorter than two hundred years, but longer, and much longer – often.

Ktones are perfectly folded, physically the average Kton is not weaker average male surface. From different types of mold ktons make fabric and durable paper on which they write. Ktons know and metallurgy, however, they rarely use iron, they have more in common bronze, silver and gold. Ktons do not recognize luxury and cost a minimum of things that are handled very carefully and neatly.

Wang Hu and Lao Peng lived a full life, got wives, and then offspring. But Wang Hu missed the sun. Ktons unobtrusively discouraged him from returning to the surface, but did not hold. The volunteer guides brought him to one of Great Chinese Caves, where the manhole is located, connecting the kingdom Ktonov (the kingdom is literally the Ktonian system monarchical) with a surface.

This is only part of Wang Hu’s narrative. Miners announced crazy, but imprisoned not in a provincial hospital, but placed at a military base, which in itself is completely unusual, and suggests: Chinese authorities reacted to Wang’s story Hu is much more serious than deserve ‘healthy fantasies mind. ”

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