Kureng live skis and other legends Krasnoyarsk Territory

Legends of Siberia – both ancient and modern – for the most part associated with the amazing nature of these places. Bizarre cliffs in who see living beings with their character and mood, loving fellow Yenisei, hills in which secret lakes are hidden, – everyone is looking for them, but few people find them. Kurengi and live skiing In the mountains of Hongorai once inhabited by fabulous taiga hunters kurenga (letters, brown), i.e. creatures of the same origin with mountain perfume. Sometimes they came to hunters and hunted together. Kurengi were similar to our people, but only very dark, with red eyes and hairy. Kurengi were excellent hunters. They had live skis, lined with moose cusps, which themselves were born. There were no forces on earth to get ahead of such skiing. In the old days, Kurenges often hunted together with ours by hunters. Once a hunter from the Arbat went to the taiga. In the morning he found a tired wild goat on the way. She barely moved. Our the hunter shot her. A little later, to his ski booth Kureng approached. “I have weary this beast,” he said. Then by Our hunter gave the prey to the law of the taiga. Kureng picked up, butched a goat and in one sitting ate it. “Let’s hunt together,” says kureng. “You will hunt during the day, and I will at night.” “Well,” the hunter agreed. They began to hunt together. Built a new booth, where the fire is heated. Our hunter saw self-propelled living skiing. “How do you give a command to ride?” he asks the kurenga. “As I say” yuk, they go, “he answered.” And yours do the skis run themselves? “Kureng also asked.” Yes, if you whistle, then run, – our hunter cheated. “What are you afraid of?” Asks he is a kurenga. “I am afraid of thorny shrubs – wild rose and hawthorn, – he answered. – Do you have things that you are afraid of? “.” Yes, – the hunter is cunning, – I’m afraid of butter and cheese. “” And how do you understand that you Do you sleep in deep sleep? “asks the kureng.” When I snore, then it means I sleep soundly, ”the hunter answers. – And how strong you are Are you sleeping? “.” When my eyes roll and one squirrel is visible, then then I’m in a deep sleep. ” Live skiing Kurenga and other legends of the Krasnoyarsk TerritoryPhoto from open sources At night, the hunter saw that Kureng eyes rolled up, only squirrels are visible. Then he got out of the booth, put on the skis and gave the command “yuk”. The skis themselves ran through the taiga. Kureng woke up and found neither a hunter nor his skis. He put on the skis hunter, but no matter how the whistle, the skis did not move. Our a live skiing hunter quickly got home. But he I forgot to ask the kureng – how to stop the skis. Already driving past his aal and failing to stop the skis, the hunter he pulled out a knife and thrust into the skis lined with an elk cam. Those stopped, and blood flowed from the cuts. Living skis are dead having lost blood. If the hunter found out from the kureng how to stop skiing, then live gear (live transport) would be in our hands. Kurengs are not in the taiga now, because they were walled up in the Sayan mountains Supreme creator. They are now remembered in Hongorai. frying flowers, the red color of which is the same as the color of the eyes of kurengs. On the Khakass rocks numerous images of hunters on wonder skiing. It is believed that if you have a hand in this image, you will gain incredible strength and endurance. Krasnoyarsk Pillars The very origin of huge rocks bizarre form, come from in the middle of the taiga, – a riddle. Scientific version: pillars – syenite rocks that have appeared from the earth millions of years ago. And then – wind, snow, rain, seismic phenomena have given them similarity with people, animals, birds. Hence the names – Grandfather, Grandma, Vulture, Raven, Golden Eagle, Camel. Ancient legends explain the appearance of the Pillars in their own way. By one of them, the wayward king Yenisei, angry at disobeyed his daughters and their beloved, turned Bazaiha and Laletina into the rivers, and their grooms-princes together with the whole squad – in the rocks. There is also a version of a certain ancient city of the dead, supposedly existed in these places. And it’s like Pillars – whether its ruins, or whether the inhabitants of the city of the dead themselves, waiting in the wings and rebelled from the ground. Photos from open sources Photos from open sources Anyway, everyone agrees in one: pillars – a special place that affects people entering with them in some relationship, accepting or not accepting them. They say for example, that at the end of the 19th century, participants gathered here revolutionary gatherings – Mayevka – wrote the word on the Second Pillar “Freedom”, and the guardians of the law couldn’t get there, to erase it (although the revolutionaries, of course, were not professional climbers). But modern enthusiasts the inscription is updated from time to time – and nothing, no obstacles they do not meet on their way. – I have heard some columnists say: “The rock didn’t take him to her, destroyed him.” It concerned an experienced person who didn’t have all the rocks. passed. And suddenly on one, far from the most difficult, it crashed. And at that I know a lot of newcomers who climbed at random into the most Dangerous places, it would seem, to certain death, and to them everything is like a goose water. Leonid Averkin, local historian Black hill Black hill, it’s the sleeping volcano Kara-Dag, – the highest point (500 m) Torgashinsky ridge, which stretches along the right bank of the Yenisei and in fact, is the southern border of Krasnoyarsk. She really is black – because of the grasshopper, dark stone talus covered with dark moss. Photos from open sources Photos from open sources They say that inside the Kara-Dag is hidden underground lake, formed from the tears of a noble girl, whose relatives killed her bridegroom – a simple shepherd. They say still that this girl is still hiding there in the mountains, but only few have been given to see her. And they say that after the Second Japanese prisoners of war (they were exiled to Krasnoyarsk by hundreds) made the Black Hill an object of veneration. She really looked like to them Fujiyama … If you decide to climb Kara-Dag (and this is difficult), be sure to go through the Yakhontovaya glade (it is near from the eastern slope), and there scratch the belly of the camel rock (also from pillars). Then the journey in both directions will be successful. Underground country In search of the legendary underground country Agarti – the spiritual center of the universe, a perfect civilization, existing without war, evil and violence – over the last millennium who just did not do. Priests, rulers, historians, tourists … Searched everywhere – in India, Mongolia, the Far East. And found like we would have, on the Ergaki ridge, on the territory of the Western Sayan. Photo from open sources – According to the Polish scientist Anton Ossendoevsky, conversing with Buddhist priests, analyzing manuscripts in which various geographical names, approximate descriptions of the coordinates of the underground countries, Agarty is located just on the territory of the Western Sayan, where the Ergaki ridge. Later, his hypothesis was supported and developed. Italian Tuelo. Vasily Meskhiev, historian Where are they gateway to a wonderful underground country in which people take refuge from earthly disasters where they don’t know about grief, where science and art? Talking about it is forbidden, as well as talking about miracles seen in Agarti (and they say that some people still managed to get to her). And to the one who let slip, undo. Bronze Cup And this is a Tuvan legend. They say that high in the mountains, in the upper Yenisei, in one of the most inaccessible places, there is an amazing bronze bowl. Height her – three meters, no less, she stands on a petrified platform, and on Its walls are marked with strange signs and letters. And better than anyone do not try to find, because with those who at least once accidentally her saw trouble happen. – We say that there were several hunters who unintentionally wandered into those places and saw this a bowl. So, after that, who got sick and died, who went crazy, who I got into an accident, who washed down … And the last case was recently, the one the man still seems to be in intensive care – so shriveled. Generally, better not to see this cup. Irina Khomushku, resident Tuva What is this cup and where did it come from? They say different things. If cast aside the very implausible, mystical and completely otherworldly hypotheses, then this is either the former gathering place of shamans, or another Scythian creation – such assumptions are built by local residents. There is another version. The bowl indicates the burial place Genghis Khan. It seems to be completely implausible, but the grave a great warrior has still not been found, so why not to be in Tuva? Moreover, he came from a family that lived in these places, and his sons have been here more than once. They also say that there were several similar bowls, only smaller in size. But two of them went underground, unable to withstand the neighborhood with modern civilization.


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