Lamps burning for millennia!

Lamps burning for millennia!A photo from open sources

At a time when tomb raiders were just starting their black deeds, plundering the burial places of nobles in Egypt, in Rome, as well as in Greek tombs, it became known that in the tombs were constantly light. Unusual light source lamps that stopped burning as soon as in holy places thieves fell.

Some of the lamps that did not emit fumes when burning were sent to rich houses that offered a good price at the help of special suppliers who at that time organized a semblance of our courier service. This service was necessary in those distant times when distances were enormous, and had to deliver goods using caravans and others associated vehicles.

What was the disappointment of the nobility, which failed make lamps burn as well as inside tombs. Thinkers and historians have left a lot of evidence of burning for thousands of years fixtures, without replacing fuel. Well, the fact that the frescoes do not traces of soot were found, which indicates that the lamps are indeed did not give smoke.

In the tomb of Tulliola, who was the daughter of himself Cicero, a similar lamp was also installed. Her light is not dim in for 1550 years without any access so necessary for burning oxygen. In her light, one could see the body of a beautiful young girls with long flowing hair of gold color. Body the girls were placed in a special solution that prevented the degradation of the beauty. So it lay so untouched for so many years time. As soon as the first leg of the robber stepped into the tomb, a light draft extinguished the #light, then light it again not the opportunity presented itself.

Plutarch wrote about an unextinguishable lamp that illuminated the entrance to the temple Jupiter-Ammon. Another lamp that burned for more than two millennia, was discovered near Rome, she stood near her head the buried Pollant. The date speaks of its ignition time burial carved in stone. Many more mentions of such fixtures present in the memoirs of historians.

There was only one question left – how did they burn for so long. Still so far there are only assumptions.


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