Lemuria and Antiquity Spaceships

A photo from open sources The hypothesis that on Earth in prehistoric times there was a civilization with incredible high level of development, almost every year gets everything new and new confirmations. Humanity is not the first century struggling to unravel many inexplicable facts and phenomena, Directly or indirectly indicating this. Construction technology Egyptian pyramids, famous Mayan, Stonehenge and granite statues buildings of unknown purpose, very reminiscent of modern airports or even cosmodromes – all this gives a rich food for thought. Of course, sometimes quite fantastic assumptions, and the number of fakes and insinuations, conjectures and profanations in this area are insanely great. But, Nevertheless, modern science has every reason to believe that even before the emergence of famous historical societies on Earth inhabited by a super-powerful civilization, possessing, inter alia, technologies … space flights and flights in the stratosphere! ABOUT the legendary and mysterious Atlantis has been said and written a lot. True, still no one has shed light on who exactly inhabited a disappeared continent and where it finally went. The only thing scientists all over the world, by and large, agree in opinions – this is what Atlantis was inhabited by civilization with the highest level of development of culture, science and technology. According to many scientists, the population of the “lost continent” in some areas even surpassed modern earthlings! However, in Recently, the hypothesis that Atlantes were not alone. Archaeologists, historians, geologists, culturologists, ufologists and other scientists are finding more and more confirmation of the assumption that in the vicinity of Atlantis there was another continent – Lemuria or Mu. Some scholars go even further in their research, arguing that Lemuria was not only larger and much more developed, but also subjugated to itself Atlantis. In addition, according to some researchers, Lemuria “specialized” in technogenic development, being a kind of “technical laboratory” of the global ancient great civilization. It is the inhabitants of Lemuria, according to many representatives of scientific circles, possessed the technology of creating aircraft, long-distance flights and flights into outer space! The hypothetical continent that existed in prehistoric times and disappeared without a trace later, first called Lemuria English researcher Sclater. Its name has disappeared the mainland received from lemurs – monkey-like creatures that now inhabit the Asian jungle and forests of East Africa. That’s first riddle: how lemurs could end up in two so different and remote regions, not knowing how to fly or swim? They migrate could only by land. But why, in that case, they are not lingered, say, in modern Turkey, in southern Russia or on The Arabian Peninsula? The answer lies on the surface if suggest that the modern indian ocean was once the earth’s firmament, after the disappearance of which, lemurs and fled to their current habitats. One more the Englishman – Alfred Wallace – went even further, suggesting that previously the islands of Java, Sumatra and Borneo were associated with the Asian continent precisely through Lemuria. And other islands, now Indo-Malayan archipelago, adjoining Australia. Thus, it is entirely possible that the territory of Lemuria occupied almost the entire water area of ​​the present Indian Ocean, or, according to at least most of it. Remains of the highest mountain peaks Lemuria can still be observed today, in the form of small islets scattered here and there. And so, on this huge territory, according to a whole group of pundits, there was high-tech civilization, which totaled, according to various estimates from 40 to 80 million people. Moreover, many tend to believe what exactly Lemuria and neighboring Atlantis (and not at all Africa) has become the cradle of the birth of mankind. Archaeological chorological, geological and zoological surveys give reason to believe that these continents were inhabited by representatives of the four human races known today. Most likely they lived more or less compact and during the period of great upheavals and cataclysms, comprehended two mysterious continents, left them in the near safe direction. So, in fact, this could happen distribution of races by continent and geographic region. In this connection it is necessary to add that the already mentioned example with lemurs not unique, because on the “edges” of modern continents almost the same reptiles, plants and microorganisms. The theory seems incredible, but in its favor evidence of some very convincing arguments. Riddle second: why do races and peoples who physically could not intersect in antiquity, there are so similar, as if myths and legends rewritten under tracing paper? Of course, they could become the result of the parallel evolution of ethnic groups, but, as you know, the development of different peoples took place in completely different ways, and sometimes in diametrically opposite conditions. From different continents of the legend of flying ships, huge vessels capable of take on board aircraft, drawings depicting people, dressed in space suits and with oxygen masks on face? Lemuria, which existed many millions of years ago, was populated, apparently, people of gigantic growth. About it Myths and legends preserved by different peoples testify. Moreover, if you carefully analyze them, it takes over attention is a single conditional “geographical reference”. For example, in the mythology of Asian countries, giants lived in the south, and African myths tell of gigantic people living “at sunrise sun. “Indian books written through mediums, able to dive into the future, they draw simply fantastic paintings suggesting that the Lemurians and Atlanteans were the last representatives of a highly developed civilization possessing knowledge that is still inaccessible even to us. Of course clear documentary evidence that the Lemurians were able to fly continents and plow space open spaces does not exist. However, here are the opinions of “serious” scientists and, for example, ufologists begin to diverge significantly. The latter are sure that the legends about airplanes and spaceships arose among ancient peoples under the impression of a visit to Earth by alien beings. Adherents the more “earthly” versions believe that the current humanity is the result of the second cycle of human development, and the first is over, just, with the disappearance of Lemuria and Atlantis and the bulk the inhabitants who inhabited them. The reasons for the death of ghost continents may be mass: natural disasters, natural disasters, war with the use of weapons of mass destruction and so on. However the question of whether Atlantis and Lemuria existed or not will excite people’s minds for many, many hundreds of years. Just like the question of who, after all, carried out flights on manned ships in ancient times and were these flights at all?

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