Lost in the tropics of Honduras town

A photo from open sources

Recent photos of the jungle of Honduras may prove the existence of the lost city of Ciudad Blanca. Quite possibly, that the photographs show the foundations of buildings and the embankment of the metropolis, which until recently was only mentioned in legends. Directors and archaeologists Bill Benenson and Stephen Elkins last year made a statement that they found something like ruins a mythical city in the Mosquito region (Honduras). In their In research they used the so-called laser rangefinder: essentially slow-flying planes sent laser pulses to direction of the earth, while scientists watched as they pass through the rainforest. As a result, according to the device, a model of the relief, hidden under thick crowns, was built trees, and it was she who allowed scientists to notice the ruins. Found archaeologists of the ruins shown in the pictures may be the ruins of various elements of the city, including roads, houses and agricultural buildings. It is these images were presented May 15 as part of a meeting of the American Geophysical Union in Cancun City University Archaeologists Houston. Ciudad Blanca, or the “White City”, turns out to be a legend back in the days of the Spanish conquistadors. If you believe the myth, in the jungle of Mosquito hid a metropolis full of gold. It is him many Spanish conquerors sought in the 1500s. Legend a long time ago would be forgotten if during the 20th century archaeologists did not find various signs indicating the likelihood of an ancient civilizations in the Mosquito region. However, to this day, scientists there was no such evidence of the existence of this large settlement. While researchers continue to argue whether ruins found by the laser rangefinder were ruins Ciudad Blanca, the find remains a find. The ruins found undoubtedly are traces of some ancient civilization, and scientists will continue to research. Stephen Leitz from State University Colorado states: “With a laser rangefinder, we can accurately locate buildings created by man. Find them simple enough, you just need to follow the straight lines, which impossible to find in nature. “This year, archaeologists plan to start excavations to continue the study of mysterious buildings, found in the latest pictures of the area.

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