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About megalithic evidence of the past, such as British Stonehenge, Lebanese Baalbek, Easter Island idols, not to mention the Egyptian pyramids, wrote and write various MEDIA. Moreover, the origin and purpose of these monuments antiquity controversy continues to this day. However on our planet there are many others, much less well-known, but no less ancient and mysterious structures. The steering wheel of the Indians Crow In Wyoming (USA), at the foot of the Big Horn Mountains, on grassy plateau lies a huge “steering wheel – with a diameter of about 25 meters. It is laid out of large boulders and stones with dimensions smaller, in the center is a “hub” in the form of a hill with a diameter of 3.5 meter, from which 28 spokes diverge to the rim, and outside circles are six small rounded tubercles high about 70 centimeters. Indians call this building “magic колесом”, а также “исцеляющим” и “сохраняющим жизнь”. Magic wheelsPhoto from открытых источников Фото изopen sources Archaeologists determine the age of wonder in several thousand years. Elders living in the area the Crow Native American tribe say that when their ancestors in time immemorial times came to these lands, the wheel was already here. Indians also claim that this stone wheel was built by their forefathers in memory of a wheel descending from heaven with messengers from the sun, and also for so that heavenly aliens can easily find the old landing pad when they return to Earth. Ancient legend thus describes these events: “Many moons ago, in our time distant ancestors, a huge wheel came down from heaven to earth. From his blinding flames of flame burst out from the sides, and on its top the stars sparkled. And when it descended onto the Holy Mountain, was the roar of a hurricane is heard. Fear seized people and they all ran away from the village. Then, with the speed of a scared bird, the wheel soared up and lost sight of. No one has ever seen him again. And people returning to their wigwam, they made a kind of wheel of stones where it touched the earth. After that, from generation to generation shamans told how Matat Bakan came down from heaven to Earth, and how then by the grace of the gods for many moons there was a hunt exceptionally successful, and yields plentiful. “The universal symbol in ancient world? Other legends have been preserved among other peoples on different continents. Names of the gods (i.e. space aliens) change, but they all fly across the sky in “wagons”, “rooks” or “arks” emitting thunder and spewing flame. Once upon a time from such gods, Bep-Kororoti, descended from heaven in a fiery chariot and ended up among a tribe living on the shores of the Amazon. His whole body It was hidden under strange clothes – a spacesuit. Since those time immemorial since the shamans of this tribe wear cult robes in the form of Woven spacesuits from the reed. Facilities like the “magic wheel” of Wyoming have been discovered in others edges, for example, in Canada (near the city of Suffield) and in Japan. And in each of these wheels has exactly 28 spokes. Russian scientist and writer Alexander Kazantsev describes a bas-relief carved in an Iranian city Bistune, at the crossroads of caravan routes of ancient Persia. On the the bas-relief depicts King Darius, to whom the supreme god Ahura Mazda helps to “comprehend the essence of being and truth.” God holds in his hands same steering wheel. Фото изоткрытых источников Фото изopen sources at the Museum of the Academy of Fine Arts in Honolulu, the administrative center of the state of Hawaii (USA), a drawing is kept “steering wheel” descending to Earth in a cloud of fire. Picture comes from the ancient Japanese state of Yamato, at least one and a half thousand years. Similar images are known almost throughout Of Asia. They can be seen, for example, on ancient Korean ceramics. Pictures of other worlds What do these really mean “wheels from the sky”, the image of which has survived to this day in different parts of the globe in the form of bas-reliefs or masonry? Assume that these are just images of spacecraft that have been once on earth, it would be too easy. One of the main characters Buddhist Mythology – The Wheel of Life Graphic interpretation of human existence, an allegorical symbol reincarnation, as well as the continuous cycle of all our phenomena of the world. How and why the Wheel of Life was created is reported in Ancient Indian epics. Buddha taught Ananda to create a wheel for images of his other student, Maudgalyayana. saw in time visiting other worlds. These “other worlds” are defined there as extraterrestrial space. It is known that in the treatises of Ancient India – Mahabharata, Ramayana and some others, as well as Tibetan manuscripts contain surprisingly detailed descriptions of flying fire cars and air battles using missiles, as well as some devices suggestive of combat lasers. Who “sowed” life on Earth English biophysicists and genetics Francis Creek and Leslie Orgel, considering all existing theories about the origin life on Earth unconvincing, developed expressed at the beginning of XX century assumption by the Swedish scientist Vante Arrhenius (1859-1927 years), Nobel laureate, about that. that life in space space is spread by panspermia – embryo transfer in the form of spores, protected from external influences. Based on this versions of the hypothesis the British in 1971 presented at a conference in Armenian city of Byurakan with its world famous astrophysical observatory, then in 1975 at the International Congress on astronautics in Lisbon, and a year later – in Yugoslav Krikvenice. at the III Congress of the Society for the Study of the Ancient astronautics. According to their hypothesis, the delivery of spores to Earth could be carried out on a spaceship in a special container, protected from hard x-rays. And those who organized such a “sowing” – no matter what they are called: gods or space aliens – couldn’t choose anything for their purpose other than nucleic acids (DNA and RNA), the most important elements living matter containing its biochemical code and directly involved in the transmission of hereditary and intellectual traits future organism. Earlier it was Scream along with another English biophysicist Maurice Wilkins and American biochemist James Watson deciphered the structure of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and proposed its structural model in the form of a double helix, for which received in 1962 the Nobel Prize. The connection of the ancients religions with modern science So, a symbol of knowledge transmitted God’s people, in Buddhism serves the Wheel of Life. There is a mention of him and in the New Testament, in the Epistle of St. James. In the christian religion such a symbol was the cross, which, according to the apostles, is a holy sign from God. But here’s a sensation: in 1975 Polish professor Vaclav Gajewski published a graphic image ribonucleic acid molecule (RNA), which is an intermediate the link between DNA and the resulting protein and involved in the implementation genetic information in the cells of all living organisms. This the graphic “portrait” turned out to be an exact copy of various crosses, in including Hutsul and Orthodox, with three circles – at the top and at the ends of the crossbar. Studies show that “ancestor” of all these crosses is pre-Christian ancient Egyptian cross called “ankh”. Word it means “key жизни”. Фото изоткрытых источников Фото изоткрытых источников Фото изopen source Similar Buddhist key. The wheel of life divided inside into several parts by its knitting needles. And one of the most old Christian crosses originating from Egypt, the so-called the cross of St. Pachomius also looks like a circle divided into four parts with two diameters intersecting at right angles. It cannot be argued that the Egyptian priests knew the secret of DNA and RNA, but one cannot categorically deny such a possibility, given their incredibly deep knowledge in the field of magic, astronomy, chemistry, mathematics, medicine. Aliens on a Third Planet In Countries Asia and Europe have been rumored for centuries that in the Tibetan monastery of Sing-Well, there is a “stone from the moon. This the stone was allegedly seen in 1725 by the French missionary Dupar. In 1952 In this year, an expedition of Soviet scientists. The monks showed them a treatise on the pyramidal pagoda, in which the first level symbolized the era of achievement by people the nearest planets (“Old Earth”), the second level is the development of these planets (“Middle Earth-), the third – the development of stellar worlds (” New Earth “). The treatise contains detailed descriptions of space Travel literally shocked scientists. Returning, the researchers prepared reports that, with the approval of the Academy of Sciences, were read in Krikvenica at the above-mentioned III Congress of the Society on the study of ancient astronautics. The reports made a sensation. Subsequently, one of these scientists, Professor Zaitsev, published article about Bayan-Kara-Ula found in the Tibetan massif stone circles with texts reporting that about 12 thousand years sensible arrived on the third planet of the solar system creatures. Unable to return, they destroyed their spaceships, and subsequently died at the hands of the natives. Vadim Ilyin

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