Man brought to Earth hundreds of millions of years back

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Newspapers told about the phenomenon of Yakov Tsiperovich dozens of times and television of different countries. After severe poisoning in 1979 this person survived a clinical death and this condition lasted an hour, which in itself is absolutely unbelievable, because the cells of the cortex brain die 3-5 minutes after cardiac arrest. Coming out of a coma in a week, the “phenomenon” person lost his ability sleep and not sleep for 35 years. German doctors at one time with distrusted this fact and placed Tsiperovich on two weeks to the hospital under vigilant surveillance of video surveillance. However after checking, they simply shrugged their hands: “Yes. It is so. Point …” Novye Izvestia correspondent Adele KALINICHENKO visited the former Minsker Yakov TsIPEROVICH in the German city of Halle, where he now lives with his family – his wife and son, who is studying at the programmer. The conversation turned out to be interesting, but very controversial. By at least from the point of view of traditional materialists. – Jacob, it seems that just your case was meant by the philosopher Paul Florensky, when he wrote: “Sometimes a rapturous soul returns back. But this … was not death, but was the abduction of the soul in another the world … He who during his life died for the world, he tasted immortality. “- Before this story, I was an ordinary guy, worked as an electrician, he loved to travel in a mail car, fought, hurt his close ones. The first wife was very jealous of me. And once she poured in a bottle of wine that I drank, potent poison … Doctors and myself in the intensive care unit, when they brought me to the hospital, I saw from the side. Itself seemed to rise to the ceiling. I heard the doctors they said that “late, more than seven minutes have passed.” I flew out of rooms and found himself in an incredibly huge spiral. Remembered the sensation absolute happiness. I stopped at some turns, and into me literally uploaded a huge amount of information. This knowledge directly without a voice were laid in my mind. I experienced delight and surprise. I felt like a spot of light that constantly changed color. There were entities around me that also appeared a light substance. Some have been there for tens of thousands of years. But time in that form does not matter. There is a feeling unlimited freedom – you fly. Nobody says anything there words do not exist. Everything happens at the level of energy transfer. – Are you afraid of death after that incident with you? – Not at all I’m afraid. Because I know: when we leave here, we come there. I did not want to return from there at all. – What plan were you fed with information? – For example, what to do to a man did not grow old so that he lived 200-300 years, and in general, what is human. – And what did they say to you about this? Human – still the creation of the Lord or, as Darwinism prescribes, direct a descendant of a monkey? – Darwin’s theory is absolute and complete rave. Man is a cosmic being introduced. And he brought to Earth hundreds of millions of years ago. It is generally accepted that humanity is 40-50 thousand years old. In fact, hundreds of people million years. Civilizations perished and reborn again. Ancient the Egyptians had contacts with the aliens and were endowed with huge knowledge. Pyramids are scientific constructions, they were not built physically, and metaphysically, or something. Everything happened by teleportation, mental impact on objects. The Atlanteans the grandest civilization existed. Atlanteans could fly possessed the ability to levitate. In man completely fantastic opportunities. – Is there better for everyone or just for those who “behaved” well? – assassins, other people who committed serious sins, fall on some other – very primitive – level, they get nothing there. In that world there are different layers. People who lived light and right, fought evil, helped people, there is intensive communication, saturation of knowledge and information. And the villains and other big sinners are deprived of this. But it doesn’t look much like hell and heaven as it people came up with. – Tell me if you have problems with health? – When a problem arises, I remove it exercises. I work with blood circulation, breathing, restore brain activity. Based on yoga, wushu, oriental practices I developed his own, in many ways a unique system of exercises. She just saved me because she somehow compensates lack of sleep. My body is like a training ground. I will test knowledge on myself, which now come to me at the level of intuition. I sure that thanks to my exercises, I can, if something does not happen unforeseen, easily live up to 200 years. – But there, as it turned out, better? – A person is interested in living here, because that being here, a person, including myself, as if fulfills some mission conceived by the Creator. – What do you think is there a god – God is the universal mind. I communicate with God myself, without resorting to the mediation of the Church. – In that case, like you relate to traditional religions – Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism? And why did God, who is one, needed divide humanity into different faiths? – May be, it was not necessary for God. And its opposites – to the one who needs for hostility to exist. And nevertheless to traditional religions I I relate with due reverence. – And you are not afraid that on your close to your eyes will age and die? – … by asking this, I felt awkward. It seemed to me that it was the only question my interlocutor did not have easy response. Yes, probably it couldn’t be. After all, having been “God knows where, “man remains man. This is not a dream, these are facts Having survived an hour-long clinical death, Yakov Tsiperovich ceased to feel weight of items. For example, he may, on his own assurance, in the presence of impartial witnesses, push 10 thousand off the floor times, without feeling tired at the same time, can raise with one little finger two-pound weight, and his body temperature does not rise above 34 degrees. Now he is 61, but in appearance he will not give him more than 35: it seems that nature generally “turned off” this person so called the aging mechanism. To say that this is a young man – to say nothing: Mr. Tsiperovich is a real handsome athlete. Even adamant materialists, a priori not believing “all this fables, “I can say that my interlocutor is a humble person, completely devoid of the desire to impress and impress anyone, and therefore what he said should not be denied immediately. There’s something, but there’s no intentional fiction, there’s something left in memory. And what it is – everyone is free to judge in measure of their ability to perceive the inexplicable.

Pyramid Time

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