Man came out of the water

According to the official evolutionary version of origin human, the monkey, lacking food, moved out endangered forests in the savannah. It gave her upright and developed brain. This version is very good when viewed in context of Darwin’s theory, but a fair question arises: why no more species of monkeys in the steppe went? After all, they also don’t there was food! A photo from open sources

Science also cannot explain where and why there are many signs that distinguish us from monkeys. Or rather the explanations were, but turned out to be untenable and left official scientific ideology. Brain growth or hair loss integument on the body not observed in any humanoid monkeys as well as a unique way of breathing that also makes possible speech, so no one could explain. Without delving into biological details, we give the simplest example. Known it’s very hot in the savannah during the day and very cold at night. So why did the monkeys that moved to the savannah have disappeared wool? After all, following Darwin’s theory, change must give the creature immediate advantage within its habitat. However, if to assume that man was not formed in the savannah, but in mangroves forests, much immediately falls into place. In coastal mangrove The marshes of the island of Borneo are inhabited by the nosy monkey. She lives on trees, but when it goes down, it usually turns out to be under it not land, but water, shallow water. Because this monkey is simply forced learn to walk on two legs. And besides, she is the only one monkeys that can swim.

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Another feature of man is a lowered larynx. That is, we are not we have the ability to drink water and breathe at the same time, as ours the throat is devoid of septum between the pathways to the lungs and stomach. In the savannah this is not necessary, and it is worth saying that not one of the ground there are no mammals of the lowered larynx. But she is in many present in mammals that live in the sea or lakes, – in seals, whales, sea lions. Such a device gives them a very significant advantage: having the ability to breathe through the mouth, these animals are able to inhale or exhale a significant amount of air in a short time when diving. Marine mammals, by the way, can control breathing just like a person. Land animals do not control breathing. And we have that kind of breath gave a unique opportunity to speak. Another characteristic the peculiarity of man, which distinguishes him greatly from other monkeys, is sweating method. During sweating, we are not only waste the necessary water and healthy salts, but also this the process starts too slowly, leading to danger receiving sunstroke, and reacts very slowly when fluid and salt levels in the body are critically reduced. Only for three hours our body can use up everything necessary for the survival of water and salt, which will lead to very serious consequences, until death.

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What to do with such a system of perspiration in the African savannah – unclear. Remember the numerous stories and plots of American films about the deaths in the desert? Police advise: in no way in case you don’t leave a broken car, otherwise your life’s score will go for hours. Savannah, we assure you, is little better than the desert. Yet one interesting feature of a person is the distribution of his fat deposits. Over 30% of the fat is in a person directly under skin. Scientists admit that this is a very good thermal insulation. But only if you are in the water. On land it gives no advantages: on land, wool is many times more effective. But again, all aquatic mammals have a similar fat layer – whales, seals, dolphins …

A photo from open sources

The human face-to-face copulation is also not found among land animals, but it is common in aquatic inhabitants. What turns out? Are we out of the water? Quite perhaps.

Water Time

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