Man Made Pyramids of Ice Alaska

Man-made pyramids of icy AlaskaPhotos from open sources of

Global warming that has seriously affected melting glaciers throughout the world, revealed another find and at the same time a riddle. In Alaska, the ancient pyramids suddenly thawed.

This, of course, did not happen yesterday, but scientists, and in particular geologists, for some time could not believe (and therefore make public) that the thawed peaks of the pyramidal structures are actually can be man-made and commensurate with the great pyramids Of Egypt.

But it turned out that way: the oldest structures in the form of pyramids, and the time of their construction is commensurate, and then much older than the Egyptian. As with many others similar structures scattered throughout the Earth, scientists found that the pyramids of Alaska are man-made. Stone blocks from which they consist of, carefully carved and jewelery tailored to each other to a friend. Assuming that Mother Nature could have done it, nothing does not learn: she has completely different instruments and handwriting. None cataclysms, say geologists, are not able to create pyramids, assembled from geometrically regular and almost identical stone blocks.

But who built these pyramids, if they are comparable in age with Egyptian? What civilization lived at that distant time on territory of modern Alaska? It is also noteworthy that such the structures are beyond the power of the ancient peoples, which suggests that all the pyramids of the Earth were created either by highly developed civilizations, much more advanced than even ours, or in this matter aliens participated, aliens from parallel worlds, people the future, finally … After all, we still don’t really know the destination of all these grandiose structures, including the most studied – Egyptian pyramids.

Alaska’s pyramids have just begun to thaw. It seems that even for scientists there will be many problems here – in terms of research and expectations, when will nature release these grandiose build finally. As for tourism (certainly those who are interested in the exotic and mystery of the northern pyramids), then here also everything is very problematic – this is not to fly to Egypt …

Egypt Time Pyramids

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