Many new found in Nazca geoglyphs

In Nazca discovered many new geoglyphsPhoto from open sources

On the desert plateau of Nazca in southern Peru were discovered twenty four new geoglyphs – plotted on the ground patterns that can only be viewed from the air. Sponsored by discoveries were specialists from the Japanese University of Yamagata under the guidance of Professor Masato Sakai.

Ground drawings reach a length of twenty meters and date from fourth-second centuries BC. According to the researchers, in this region from about 740 to 100 BC there was a Paracas culture whose carriers possessed art irrigation of fields and organization of technical events for cultivation of cultivated plants.

Nazca geoglyphs are dozens of drawings animals, birds, flowers and insects, more than thirteen thousand stripes and lines, as well as over seven hundred geometric figures, mainly trapezoid, triangles and spirals. Local semi-desert climate turned out to be favorable for the preservation of ancient drawings. In connection with the fact that the geoglyphs are impressive in size, they managed for the first time notice only in the first half of the twentieth century with aircraft. IN 1994, these monuments were inscribed on the World Heritage List. UNESCO.

It is noteworthy that so far only one can be found on the Nazca plateau. drawing that depicts a humanoid creature. It goes about the so-called “astronaut”, having a height of thirty meters. Some experts believe that ancient people captured space alien whom they managed to see firsthand. Here just how did they do it? It remains a mystery behind the family seals …

Geoglyphs of Peru

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