Maya were capable of teleporting?

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Maya civilization is considered one of the most advanced by the level of development of civilizations of the Western Hemisphere in ancient the world. However, the oddities of this development still compel scientists think about why the Mayans who have made huge successes in agriculture, astronomy and medicine never approached the invention of the wheel. Strange, Maya civilization did not know about the existence of the wheel, even many hundreds of years after it inventions by other peoples. However, this did not stop the Indians Central America once mastered the giant territory.

A photo from open sources

So what did Maya move on? Did they have at least some means of transport? Apparently, Mayans really could do without wheeled vehicles. Not only that, Maya is not used animals to transport goods. All that was in at their disposal is the gross physical strength of man. Other in words, all that needed to be transferred, they either wore in literally sense on themselves, or dragged along the ground. However were Maya has vehicles of a different nature. They are famously enough moved on water. To do this, they built boats in which It was to load a decent amount of cargo. Classic Mayan boat – canoe. And today, many nations of the world use small a means of transportation for transporting oneself and goods. Canoe used by travelers on rivers and lakes. There is a group scientists who believes that our information on vehicles Maya are not complete. According to these experts, dragging heavy weights could not lead to that civilizational the heyday of the Mayans. Moreover no officially confirmed physical experimental data, by which could definitely say that a certain a multi-ton block was carried by a drag towards the building ancient temple. Such an opinion leads to other thoughts – to thoughts about if Maya could have the technique, say, teleportation.

Only such Maya wheels are known

A photo from open sources

On the one hand, the fact of teleporting a person or an object does not confirmed, however, there is the fact of teleportation of elementary particles, which scientists have recently confirmed. In this regard, the question of Maya’s vehicles in space remain open.

Teleport Maya Civilization

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