Mayan civilization metropolis with 60,000 buildings discovered in the jungle of Guatemala

A metropolis of Mayan civilization with 60,000 buildings discovered in the jungle of GuatemalaA photo from open sources

Modern laser technology LiDAR allows you to remove on obtained using aerial photography digital map “forest and primary cover “to reveal what he is hiding behind himself. Exactly so a whole network of unknown cities of civilization has recently been discovered Maya, but in general in this “metropolis” (about 2100 square kilometers) of the ancient population of Central America, as it turned out, there were much more various buildings than demonstrated archaeological site directly on the earth.

In this way, researchers found almost 60 thousand residential houses and palaces, fortifications and roads with bridges, terraces and fortresses, dams, reservoirs for irrigation and canals, not speaking of smaller buildings, not yet clear even by destination. And all this “wealth” of archeology has been hidden for centuries in impenetrable jungle of northern Guatemala.

A photo from open sources

Scientists have determined that the advanced Mayan civilization in the period the peak of its heyday (250 – 900 AD) totaled up to 15 million people, which is significantly more than in medieval England. This civilization in its development and population was comparable to such highly developed states as China or Ancient Greece.

This is what the University of Tulan archaeologist says about all this. Francisco Estrada-Belli:

LiDAR technology is so revolutionizing modern archeology that ground services are now simply not keep up with her, for example, it will take us 100 years to dig up this whole Mayan metropolis and understand what it is. Especially since it just the beginning, a project led by the non-profit PACUNAM Foundation Guatemala, aerial surveyed so far only 16 percent from the planned area. Over the next years at least at least three, there are still at least 14 thousand square kilometers. And what they show is only known to God. But in any case we live in an interesting time of “new archeology” because we can now easily find evidence of the ancient world, buried under dense vegetation and pitch, immersed in the depths of the seas and so on. This is just fantastic!

Note by the way that unexpected surprises for researchers Mayan civilizations became discovered numerous defensive constructions, including not only fortresses, but also special walls, ramparts, terraces and much more, which suggests that war on the territories of the ancient state of Central America occurred far more often than scientists thought before.

Maya Civilization

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