Megalithic constructions of Mountain Shoria

Researcher George Sidorov writes: “Do research in Mountain Shoria we were asked by local geologists from the village of Kamushki Mezhdurechensk district. During his exploration, geological the party came across strange megalithic structures.

This happened back in Soviet times, when the roads to Mountain Shoria were blocked by the posts of correctional colonies. After adjustment these colonies were disbanded and the road to strange megalithic objects turned out to be open.

In the month of September (21 dates), we went on an expedition for find research. The expedition included people with higher education, more than once in the mountains and knowing the tricks climbing. There were 19 members of the expedition, including 16 men and 3 women. The expedition came to us from different places: three of Krasnoyarsk, one from Barnaul, three from Moscow, two from the Kuban, two local conductor, and the rest – our Vasyugan compact group of 7 people.

By four cars, from different places: from Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Tomsk and Barnaul, our expedition rushed to the south of Kemerovo area. In the former geological village of Kamushka we were met local geologists who became the guides of our amateur expeditions.

September 22, we began the ascent to one of the mountain Shoria ridges. FROM The road began along the grass, running over the stones, a stream. Later the ascent began, in places up to 60 degrees between boulders and trees, since a huge relic cedar tree is spread on an elephant. For the first the ledge of the ridge we climbed for about six hours. Frankly speaking – the road was difficult, sometimes dangerous. Could please crevice between boulders or fly off a slope. On the second ledge ridge, not far from the ruins, we set up our camp. The next morning our guides Alexander Bespalov and Vyacheslav Pochetkin led us, divided into two groups, to the mysterious megaliths.

Megalithic Constructions of Mountain ShoriaA photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

What we saw exceeded all our expectations. In front of us there was a wall made of giant granite blocks, some of which reached a length of 20 meters and a height of 6 meters. Interestingly, the megalithic masonry, sometimes alternated with masonry polygonal.

At the top of the wall we saw traces of the ancient melting of the rock. It was clear that before us were the structures destroyed by powerful thermonuclear or some other explosions. What are these structures – we were not able to find out. But we shot megalithic blocks, their castles – joints scattered around giant granite bricks.

In the afternoon, we went to the next peak, where before our eyes a strange cyclopean structure arose from vertically placed blocks standing on a gigantic foundation. we all came to the conclusion that we have an ancient energy center, because that in some places the vertical plate capacitor was blocked by powerful horizontal blocks. Taking pictures of weird facilities, we went down to the camp.

It was clear to everyone that we were faced with something mysterious and very ancient. On the second night in the camp, many of our people, despite fatigue, almost did not sleep. We tried to understand what was before us. how such giant blocks, whose weight is much greater than granite the bricks of the Baalbek terrace were at an altitude of 1100 and above meters. And in general, for what purpose it was all built, and then destroyed by powerful thermal exposure.

The only thing we understood, and without exception, that before us are the buildings that our distant ancestors erected. The logic of architecture gave a hint: locks, inclined planes for water and more.

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

The next morning, we decided to study the ruins. And what was it like our surprise when the arrows of all compasses began to deviate from megaliths. The conclusion was clear: we were faced with an inexplicable the phenomenon of negative magnetic field. Where did it come from? Can it is a residual from ancient, anti-gravity technology. At the same time, we measured the radioactive background of the structures; it turned out to be less than in the city.

It was possible to explore other ruins that stood at a distance, but we got tense over time, moreover, in the mountains it began to snow, and it was necessary to curtail our research. The only thing what we managed to do was remove from a special unmanned apparatus investigated ruins and panorama of neighboring mountains from a height bird flight.

This ended our expeditionary work. Descent from the ridge It took us about four hours. In Pebbles, we got a huge map of the research area, on which more than one will have to work month. I want to understand the pattern of the ruins and try find an answer about their appointments. ”

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources



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