Megaliths could be navigators for space ships

Megaliths could be navigators for spaceshipsA photo from open sources

In Uzbekistan, in the Jizzakh region on a mountainside near the village Korangul found unique megaliths – huge stones in the form of balls, discs, egg-shaped.

In general, the first impression this find makes: everything these stone figures are made artificially, as they differ not only in a smooth surface and perfect a geometric form that is almost never found in nature, but still peculiar coloring, various sizes – from one and a half up to three meters.

Moreover, on one of the megaliths, archaeologists discovered petroglyphs (ancient drawings on a stone) with the image of strange people most likely dressed in spacesuits, as well as mysterious animals with beaks and fan-shaped tails. A unique find by scientists owe to the geologist R. Mirkamalov, who accidentally discovered these megaliths, to which none of the locals paid much attention. Now they are carefully studied by M. Khashimov – professor of Samarkant University.

Researchers have put forward two versions of the origin of the found megaliths. According to the first, these are natural geological formations that occur during volcanic eruptions. However igneous rocks found only thirty kilometers from Korangul village, so the probability that the volcano threw these formation so far through the air, almost zero.

According to the second version, these megaliths are created artificially. However ancient people (the age of the find is several for millennia) megaliths could hardly have made them; made using technology unknown to us using disintegration and levitation. Perhaps scientists suggested that these the stones were created by aliens and in those ancient times played the role of peculiar navigators, space beacons, reflecting on top mountains bunches of focused sunlight.

As M. Khashimov told local reporters, these and other versions the origin of megaliths is only being worked out, however, scientists almost unanimous in being well polished and expertly figurative stones could not be natural origin.

Megalith Stones

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