Mines of King Solomon found in Israel

In Israel, found the mines of King SolomonA photo from open sources

Tel Aviv University scientists have discovered copper mines, founded during the reign of the legendary king With the Spears of Solomon turned out to be copper mines located in the Timna Valley. Earlier it was believed that they were built by the Egyptians in the XIV century BC, however new findings discovered by scientists suggest that mines appeared during the reign of Solomon. Researchers dug up a camp in the valley of the Slaves, in which engaged in the smelting of copper from ore. It was also discovered various utensils and decorations. According to the results of analysis, all these finds date back to the 11th century BC, when, presumably, and Solomon ruled. King Solomon – the legendary ruler of the united kingdom of Israel in 965-928 BC e., which is repeatedly mentioned in the Bible. During the reign Solomon Jerusalem Temple was built in Jerusalem – home the shrine of Judaism.

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