Modern people ate Neanderthals?

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Despite recent statements by scientists in Spain, not yet clear evidence that modern people have eaten Neanderthals, and, moreover, the scale of this phenomenon led to the extinction of this species. Neanderthals were once the closest the relatives of modern man within a vast territory from Europe to East Asia, as well as the Middle East. Neanderthals became extinct at about the same time that modern people have flooded this territory, which leads to speculation in facts in plan that Neanderthals were destroyed by a more developed species. Spanish scientists from the Catalan Institute of Paleoecology and Social evolution in Tarragona, Bienvenido Martinez-Navarro and Polycarp Hortola, noted the fact of migration of modern people, which with most likely affected the disappearance of more than 178 major in the then world of mammalian species, including mammoths. Homo sapiens can be considered the “highest pest of all kinds,” scientists note, for “no other species showed greater potential for homicide. “Researchers noted that modern a person preys on “immediate relatives by sight” such as chimpanzees, gorilla and orangutan. So they suggest that Neanderthals could be killed and eaten, so that modern people got rid of competition for the benefits of life. Exist evidence that both Neanderthals and modern there were acts of cannibalism. However, there is no clear evidence that ancient modern people ate Neanderthals. Even evidence there are few skirmishes between the two species, and if they are, then very controversial. For example, in the Shanidar cave in Neanderthal rib bones with traces of impact were discovered in Iraq spears applied from above, as ancient modern people did, however, at that time, most likely, they were not yet in that territory and perhaps the spear belonged to a Neanderthal man. Moreover, there is more and more doubt about whether these two kind in general. So, recent evidence suggests that Neanderthals may have died out for several thousand years before their alleged encounter with the ancients occurred by modern people. Recent studies have shown that there is evidence of genetic crossbreeding between species however this does not confirm violent contact between them, their meeting It could well be peaceful. Scientists believe that extinction Neanderthals were not necessarily violent. First, they had to deal with a very fast change. climate. Secondly, they hunted much worse than ancient modern people, therefore they lost to them in the struggle for resources, however this the struggle was not accompanied by brutal wars.

Sergey Vasilenkov

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