Most ancient village

The oldest villageA photo from open sources

“The oldest”, of course, only in terms of archeology, since this is a settlement discovered by archaeologists in Germany, really claims such a title: earlier small villages in the world have not yet been found.

An ancient settlement excavated in the Baden-Württemberg area, seven or a little more than that thousand years, which is why it can rightfully be considered the oldest village. The village occupied an area of ​​twenty five thousand square meters, lived in it from one hundred to one hundred fifty people. People here built clay houses and settled lifestyle may have been engaged in gathering and agriculture.

A clearer picture of what and how happened in this ancient village of the Neolithic period, archaeologists could not figure out and how It’s believed that now they’re unlikely to be able to. Unfortunately, this territory owned by a company that will soon be building here industrial enterprise (all preliminary surveys have been carried out large funds were invested for the construction of the object).

Researchers have only to take many pictures of the ancient settlements and objects found in it. All that can be saved will be transferred to the local museum.

This is not the first find surprising archaeologists. Just recently been found a new kind of ancient man. Here is a riddle for modern scientific minds.

A photo from open sources

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