Mount Shasta – the legend of the golden city

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Huge Shasta Mountain in California – Super Volcano in the Cascading Circuit mountains, consisting of 5 craters. Every year, people come to the foot of the mountain adherents of all kinds of esoteric teachings. They think that Shasta is all that remains of the deceased 12,000 years ago Lemurian civilization and somewhere here there is a point of entry into other worlds. But there is among the arrivals and connoisseurs of not spiritual, but material values. These people are attracted to Shasta by the legend of the “golden city” hidden in bowels of the mountain.

Gold digger Jay Brown

Jay Brown appeared in the town at the foot of the mountain Mount Shasta in 1904. By the time the gold rush in California has long passed, gold mining passed into the hands of industrial corporations. However, those who want to find “their gold mine” are not transferred. One of those lone gold miners was Jay Brown

A photo from open sources

For months, he explored the slopes of the mountain, then climbing up its covered glacier peaks, then going down to the very foot. Occasionally appeared he’s at mount shasta to replenish food supplies and talk about your searches, mostly fruitless. Having gone to the next expedition, he did not return back.

No one was surprised. Wild animals, Indians, bandits – occasions staying in the Cascade Mountains forever was too much. He was not the first did not become the last.

But after almost 30 years, the aged gold digger again showed up at Mount Shasta and told everyone the same incredible a story.

Jay Brown Story

30 years ago, in my last expedition, I came across a narrow gap in the mountain. I was young, reckless and not afraid of anything. Despite my thinness, I hardly climbed into the gap, and she brought me into a wide, spacious tunnel. Waving that tunnel of miles 11 I went out … it was a city, a whole underground city! Dozens of rooms large and small, connected by transitions. And corpses everywhere mummified corpses!

At first I was scared, I thought that these are the same idiots, like me, trapped in this cave and unable to get out. But all of them lay in calm poses on stone tables, dressed in strange clothes. It was more like a cemetery. The walls of the rooms were sheathed with copper plates, dotted with strange characters. But gold is the main thing!

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The city was hollowed out right in the gold mine! It was everywhere! I I realized that I am rich, just incredibly rich! However, upon reflection, I I realized that I have neither the strength nor the strength to extract and endure all this wealth funds. As soon as they learn about the “golden city” in Mount Shasta, here an army of gold prospectors will rush and I will get only what I can carry in your pockets. How many such discoverers of the richest deposits subsequently died in poverty!

I decided not to rush, for 30 years I saved up money, and now I won’t leave from here until I gut the underground city to the last golden grains!

For the gold!

The story is incredible, but Brown made contracts with contractors, ordered tools, food, dynamite, hired whole mining brigades, made deposits and expected arrival mining equipment together with specialists.

Soon trucks with equipment arrived, a mountain came engineer. Contractors brought bales and crates of ordered goods, work crews were waiting for the day when Brown led them into the mountains. Glad Brown ordered quickly and sensibly, reminding everyone that soon everything they will become rich. An exit day has been set.

The mystery remained a mystery

But no one went anywhere. On the appointed day, Brown did not appear. The owner of the hotel said that the guest had not been there for two days appears in his number. Residents of the village among themselves were gossiping that in vain (oh, in vain!) Brown told everyone in a row an amazing story, such an end was to be expected, and not today, tomorrow in Mount Shasta will be the new owner of the “golden cities”.

A photo from open sources

But the heirs of the mystery of Jay Brown did not appear in the village. Neither a year later, neither five nor ten the “golden expedition” to Shasta took place.

Needless to say, since 1934 dozens have come to the mountain expeditions and hundreds of loners trying to find the “golden city” Brown? However, all who came here did not find a grain of gold. By at least they said so.

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