Mummified finger discovered in Egypt giant

In Egypt, discovered a mummified finger of a giantPhoto from open sources

German tabloid “Bild-Zeitung” posted an amazing news claiming to be a belated sensation.

Journalists write that a fragment of the remains was discovered in Egypt a humanoid creature of enormous size. This is about mummified finger, which is almost forty centimeters. It is reported that the find was officially made yet twenty eight years ago, but no one has devoted all this time her due attention. Only recently the staff of a German newspaper managed to get finger shots and certain information about him.

These pictures were taken in 1988 by Swiss businessman and traveler Gregor Sperry. European was so passionate admirer of ancient Egyptian attributes that even turned to the plunders of ancient graves in order to find out about some extraordinary relics. A hundred kilometers from Cairo to him managed to find a person who claimed to have unique artifact.

A photo from open sources

Sperry paid for the pleasure of watching and photographing amazing relics, after which they put a dried finger in front of him huge sizes. According to the Swiss, the growth of a giant who this part of the body belonged, should have been at least five meters. The thief, among other things, showed Gregor X-ray of a finger taken back in the sixties years.

The businessman long and hard persuaded the Egyptian to sell him relic, but the robber refused him, arguing that by the fact that over the years, power will only become more valuable, and then the criminal’s family will really get rich. Having achieved nothing Sperry returned home empty-handed. From there he turned with with their photographs to many world museums, however, scientists dismissed him as a pesky fly, claiming that it fake and hoax.

Giants lived on Earth

In 2009, the traveler again went to Egypt, hoping now certainly buy a fragment of the remains at the highest price. Unfortunately, this time he was not able to find that grave robber.

A photo from open sources

All these years, the Swiss studied information about living on our planet of the giants. For example, he found out that Judeo-Roman warlord and historian Josephus wrote about the terrible giants, who lived on earth in the thirteenth century AD and were only partially similar to humans. However, information about the giants (like material remains) abound, another thing is that they do not official science wants to recognize – it is not beneficial for it, otherwise it needs reviewing the whole history of mankind. Who will do it from modern orthodox from science? ..

It is noteworthy that recently Gregor Sperry published historical and adventure novel “The Lost God. Day of Fate” with elements of mysticism, based in part on European travels. The book is rapidly gaining popularity.

Giants Egypt

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