Mummy Takabuchi “told” scientists about many things, but hid the main thing

TheA photo from open sources

The Ulster Museum of Northern Ireland’s capital Belfast houses One of the most mysterious Egyptian mummies is Takabuti (Takabuti). Her an Irish traveler and an Egyptologist brought here back in 1834 Thomas Greg (Thomas Greg).

Today, scientists know about this mummy almost everything, because it is on throughout all these long years was subjected to all kinds of research ranging from x-ray and radiocarbon dating and ending with DNA analysis and computed tomography.

Here is what the employee of the Greer Ramsey museum says about the Egyptian mummy (Greer Ramsey):

This is the daughter of the priest of the temple of Amun-Ra, she lived approximately two and a half thousand years ago. She was married, had growth about a meter and a half, wore a beautiful hairstyle of red curled hair and died before she was thirty years old – she was killed. About it they say many details, for example, in the area of ​​the upper back on the left discovered material used at that time to treat knife injured.

Scientists even determined that Takabuchi was an unusual woman, she had an extra vertebra and an extra 33rd tooth, which makes her just unique. But what struck the researchers even more was that, according to DNA, this “Egyptian” was of European descent and did not have nothing to do with the locals.

A photo from open sources

As you can see, the mummy has practically revealed all its secrets, but she didn’t “tell” the scientists when, by whom and for what she was killed. Female was buried with great honors, which indicates a high the social status of this lady, moreover, her father was omnipotent the priest. And yet, this did not save the high-born Egyptian from vile stab in the back. Of course, it could be all that anything, even a domestic quarrel or jealousy, but … we can not look into the past and peep how everything was really …

By the way, the famous American anthropologist Michael Masters (Michael Masters) from Montana University of Technology is convinced that UFOs and aliens are ships from the future on which our descendants. Mostly they say historians who, thanks to the car time, have the opportunity to look into the past. It turns out that they can not just study the remains and artifacts, as modern archaeologists and anthropologists, but also see how everything happened in the past in fact, including who killed, for example, an incomparable the red-haired beauty Takabuchi – the daughter of an Egyptian priest and a woman clearly of European descent …

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