Mysteries of stone heads

Finds of stones similar in shape to the head are not uncommon. Sometimes it’s man-made artifacts, sometimes petrified skulls various creatures. Many of them are associated with magical cults, and even with extraterrestrial civilizations.

Many petrified skulls are found by archaeologists and paleontologists in excavation time in the so-called anomalous zones and in areas ancient sanctuaries. So, in the seaside cave Fridge, in the eternal frozen, found a very strange skull – elongated, with eye sockets above. The creature to which he belonged is not known on earth.

Local historian Ivan Stepanchenko from the village of Medvin, in the Kiev region, found another boulder resembling a skull. But by no means human! This skull, weighing about a pound, oblong shape, gap instead of mouth, huge ears, nose almost is absent. According to the local historian, the find lay in the ground, perhaps millions of years and served as an attribute of some ancient cult.

Recently, a similar skull was found two hundred kilometers from Sofia. He was sent to study in the Berlin laboratory, the results expertise is still unknown.

Fallen with a UFO?

A few years ago, the Minsker Evgeny Bugaev, walking with a dog along forest, found a strange stone that resembled a human head. On the clearly visible eye sockets with eyebrows, outlines nose and mouth. Wondering at the find, Eugene took it with him. Defined a stone “head” place in the barn.

A couple of weeks later, he discovered several more stones similar to heads of various animals – snakes, crocodiles … Then Bugaev and I thought that they were not here by chance. Began to rummage in archives and found out that it was in these parts more than 20 years ago a mysterious incident happened.

Mysteries of stone headsPhoto from open sources On the night of September 7, 1984 over Minsk two planes flew at the same time. One followed from Tbilisi to Tallinn with a landing in Rostov, another from Rostov to Leningrad. Pilots noticed a luminous cloud that pulsed with flashes, as if blinking. The crew of the Rostov-Leningrad liner also blinked in response side lights. Why did the pilots come up with such an idea, they subsequently could not explain. However they succeeded safely follow your flight.

The crew of the second plane was not so lucky. Pilots reported an unidentified object to the ground, and the dispatcher somehow directed them straight towards the cloud. And then a UFO lit a powerful cockpit ray. This beam accompanied the plane almost to Tallinn. There pilots were sent to the hospital, as they sharply worsened well-being. A few months later, the crew commander died from consequences of unknown radiation exposure, and the co-pilot remained disabled for life.

The story was reported by the media, but tried to quickly “forget” – in those years there was a tacit ban on topics related to mysticism and UFOs.

After reviewing this information, Bugaev concluded: UFO, pursuing the pilots, crashed over Minsk, and his finds – alien aircraft sensors disguised as the stones! What reason did he have for that? Bugaev – specialist in automatic control systems for aircraft. He worked in a design bureau, participated in missile launches at Baikonur …

In his opinion, these “stone heads” may constitute biotechnology products: both electronic devices and alive organisms.

It would seem that the idea is completely crazy. There are a lot of inconsistencies in it. TO for example, if a UFO crashed over Minsk, then how could he chase pilots to Tallinn? Why disguise sensors under the heads of terrestrial animals and people? Isn’t it easier suggest that these are the heads of the aliens themselves, torn off at starship crash? And in general, there is no evidence that that the stones appeared in these places after the incident with the luminous the cloud!

“Tricky” place

Nevertheless, other people became interested in “stone heads” researchers. So, the famous Far Eastern ufologist Valery The twin-core, having familiarized himself with the samples, stated that the composition of the breed temperature effect was made and that the stones have cosmic origin. It is possible that this is really petrified skulls.

Leading Researcher, Institute of Geochemistry and Geophysics, NAS Belarus Vsevolod Bordon gave the phenomenon a more sober assessment. is he determined that most stones consist of silica. However this type of quartz is extremely rare in the Minsk region. To that it’s hard to explain why the stones suddenly ended up in one place. Several samples are pieces of volcanic rock, which in this area should be absent. Unusual shape stones are most likely just the result of weathering the rocks. But theoretically, these can be petrified skulls. Only whose? AND where did they come from in such quantity, and even on the surface of the soil? The verdict of the scientist: “The stones are interesting, and the place is some kind of cunning! ”

“Toy” poltergeist

One of the most amazing stone related stories heads (this time man-made), happened in 1972.

Eleven-year-old Colin Robson and his younger brother Leslie from Eskhema (England) found on the lawn near the house two small children’s heads carved out of stone. One portrayed a boy, and the other, a smaller one, is a girl. And from that day in the Robson house became “unclean.” Things began to move with themselves, and stone their heads turned, although no one even touched them. Items household items didn’t just move from place to place – some kind of force broke and spoiled them. And on the master’s bed, hail was falling from the ceiling glass fragments, as if someone had smashed glass to smithereens. At night strange lights lit up in front of the house. Soon nightmares became to haunt the Robson neighbors. He was some kind of monster, similar to a man, but densely covered with hair.

A photo from open sources

Stone finds were transferred for research to a local specialist according to the ancient history of England Anne Roses. Mrs. Rose first suggested that mysterious products date back to the era of the ancient Celts. But suddenly a few days later at night the researcher herself woke up from horror. At the door of her bedroom stood a giant over two meters. The lower part of his body was human, and the upper – like the beast. And he had a wolf’s head!

Mrs. Rose got out of bed and took a step toward the monster. However, the terrible creature immediately took flight, flying down the the stairs. And after that, strange nights began to sound in the house sounds like someone invisible is walking around the rooms. Family members ann clearly felt the presence of some evil creature. Only when stone heads were taken to another place, it was all over.

These events convinced Mrs. Rose that her hunch about the origin of the exheme exhibits is absolutely true. She was it is known that the ancient Celts carved heads in the form of stone to use them in religious rituals. According to researchers, they could have been cursed, still not expired. But very soon, this hypothesis vanished like smoke. Dr. Rose, by chance meeting a truck driver Desmond Craigie and talking to him, found out that he made it stone heads! Previously, his family lived in the house where they settled Robsons. In 1956, Desmond carved two children’s heads from stone into gift to your youngest daughter. And when they left, the daughter forgot “toys” on the lawn, where they were discovered 16 years later by the brothers Robsons …

But is there any explanation for what happened afterwards? Is it possible to, so that a dead or artificial head made in the likeness of alive, continued to store some kind of information, catch subtle vibrations of the surrounding space and “recycle” them, generating strange phenomena? As for the “natural” skulls, here each case requires careful study.


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