Mysterious Ahuitzotl atrocities the Aztecs

Ahuitzotl (avisotl) is a creepy creature described by the Aztecs in numerous myths and legends. Screaming like cries baby, he lured his victims into the water trap, where mercilessly destroyed them.

To strangle the monster used its flexible tail, as well as paw on its end. When the victim died, he regaled her eyes, teeth and nails, almost without touching the rest of the body.

Despite its resemblance to terrestrial animals, the Achuitzotl inhabited flooded caves and at the bottom of reservoirs. It was in the water that he was waiting their victims, sometimes screaming like a baby.

Ahuitzotl drawings from the original Aztec codex (document with drawings and notes)

A photo from open sources Photos from open sources

The description of the evil deeds of this creature is found not only in myths Aztecs. In the legends of the peoples of the southern states of the USA and the Great Plains there are mention of an animal with a paw at the end of the tail. For example, in myths Hopi tribe living in Arizona and New Mexico. They called it Pawaukiaiva animal – water dog. Shasta Indians also have legends of a spotted water dog, which is very dangerous since drowns everyone who approaches the pond. Especially gets careless swimmers. If the corpse is later found to be It turns out to be stained, like the “dog” itself.

Aztec figurine of this animal.

A photo from open sources

Sumu Indians living in Nicaragua describe water a tiger that devours everyone who has the imprudence to approach to the reservoir, chosen by him for housing. Thus in the legends different tribes of the Indians there is a description of a strange water monsters with a paw on the tail, which he uses as a tool the killings. Despite the similarities, these monsters have some differences and descriptions do not coincide with any known to science animals. Ferdinand Anders believes that Ahuitzotl may be a relative of a coyote, but the coyotes known to science do not live in water. Edward Celler put forward a strange assumption that Ahuitzotl could confused with porcupine, but porcupines have needles, and do not live in reservoirs.

Modern images

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

Closer to everyone and truth, researchers Charles may have come nearer Dibble and Arthur Anderson, who suggested a similarity between the marine an otter and an ahuitzotlem. The only thing that casts doubt on this the theory is that the otter prefers seawater, and ahuitzotl in to all known descriptions – fresh. Maybe ahuitzotl is a kind of giant river otter? But in Florence code, which describes only real creatures, it was prescribed Separately, Aitzcuintli (aitzcuintli). Florentine Bernardino de Sahaguna in 1578 described him in detail as a real creature with smooth hair, similar to an otter or a dog, with strong paws raccoon. He did not forget about the fifth paw, which crowned a long tenacious monkey tail. In 1503, Christopher Columbus wrote a letter Spanish monarch couple, where he also spoke about the amazing an animal. True, he compared it to a cat, but a larger one. His it seemed that the creature’s face resembled a human face. Columbus stated in a letter that his archer shot this animal, piercing an arrow from chest to tail. Despite the fatal injuries the animal fiercely resisted and had to deprive him of one front and one hind legs. Apparently, these monsters in many bred in those days, as another animal attacked the wild the boar, which was presented to Columbus. Ahuitzotl entwined around the muzzle of a boar tail, but became a choke paw at the end.

A photo from open sources

Currently, there is real evidence for the existence of ahuitzotl not yet found, and it belongs to the cryptids, that is, to the legendary creatures that are told a lot of stories, but catch no one could. Perhaps they have already become extinct and only fossil bones help solve the mystery. True, in the water they might not have survived. Surprisingly, in the Congolese jungle lives the legendary dingonek who looks like his American brother. It is something the average between reptile and mammal. According to local According to legend, Dingonek lives in some rivers and lakes of the West Africa. It has a length of up to 3.5 meters, an angular head with a long horn, saber-shaped fangs. And also a tail crowned with bone appendage reminiscent of a dart. Just like ahuitzotl, he kills this dart of people and animals, waiting for them in the water. Dog Water

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