Mysterious ancient discovered in Kazakhstan pyramid

A mysterious ancient pyramid has been discovered in KazakhstanA photo from open sources

Kazakh archaeologist Viktor Novozhenov made a statement on sensational find that employees of Saarykinsky archaeological institute made near Karaganda. Scientists under the guidance of historian Igor Kukushkin discovered the ruins huge step structure, which, presumably, was erected here more than three millennia ago. Thus, in the Republic of Kazakhstan found one of the oldest pyramids on the planet.

A photo from open sources

To date, only the lower steps remained from the building, however, before the construction could clearly compete in greatness and the external splendor with the ancient Egyptian pyramid of Joser. In the present moment, Kazakhstani specialists are clearing the burials, located in the center of the former pyramid. Archaeologists have already found there are many artifacts: arrowheads, needles, daggers, ceramics and even mysterious objects, the purpose of which no one not yet able to determine.

A photo from open sources

Scientists are convinced that it was the tomb of a certain leader, or even king who ruled here in the Late Bronze Age. Recall that in in those days, people lived on the territory of present-day Kazakhstan, created the famous Begazy-Dandybaev culture. For the nobility were high rectangular mausoleums erected from the rocky are characteristic stone. According to local traditions, a late member of the elite was laid on his side and bent his legs with his hands. Ceramic buried nearby products, weapons and jewelry.

Thus, it was a tomb of a peculiar Kazakh Pharaoh. It is amazing that such pyramids for leaders and nobles were built at one time not only in Egypt, but also in North America, central Eurasia and other parts of the world. And all these the structures were remarkably similar to each other.

Kazakhstan Pyramids

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