Mysterious ancient pyramids in Antarctica

A photo from open sources

A team of researchers discovered and photographed in Antarctica, three strange ancient pyramids – apparently artificial origin. Once upon a time, Antarctica was one of the most liveable continents – most of it part covered forests, in which many living creatures. Now most of Antarctica is covered in ice, but ancient fossils, including dinosaurs, are found in the mountains Antarctica. The research team included eight researchers from America and several European countries. Two of The three pyramids discovered are approximately 16 kilometers from coast, and the third is very close to the coastline. At present time is planned to equip an expedition that could physically get to the pyramids. Only then can it be done final conclusion regarding their origin. When is this the expedition will hit the road – unknown. In the meantime, we can invite you to decide for yourself what it looks more like – pyramids built by man or just mountain peaks such unusually regular shape:

A photo from open sources

Sveta Gogol

Antarctica Pyramids

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